Sunrise fans defend Nat Barr after Sam Armytage’s ‘snarky’ post

Samantha Armytage has been slammed online after fans called her recent tweet ‘snarky’ and ‘totally unnecessary’.

The former Sunrise host had tweeted in reply to feud rumours between her and Natalie Barr, saying that her ex-colleague has always been desperate for the hosting gig.

Samantha Armytage and Natalie Barr.
Nat Barr previously admitted that she and Sam Armytage “didn’t really see each other outside the office”. Photo: Instagram/sunriseon7

“Look, I’m out,” Sam began her tweet.

“Nat’s wanted the job forever and she’s finally got it. She just needs to get on and enjoy it and forget about me (even though I’m unforgettable).”

The social media post comes after Nat Barr’s recent claim that the pair weren’t friends outside of work.

“We had vastly different lives, I guess,” Nat revealed to The Australian Women’s Weekly. “We were in different places. She was hanging with her friends, and I was spending time with my family.”

Sam Armytage's tweet.
Many fans rushed to defend Nat after Sam’s tweet. Photo: Twitter/sam_armytage

The show’s longtime newsreader replaced Sam as co-host of the Channel 7 breakfast show back in March, after previously saying she never aspired for the top job.

Now, fans have responded to Sam’s tweet in defence of Nat.

“Hey Sam what happened to supporting the sisterhood? Nat is a natural and so authentic at doing the job with class,” one person replied.

“Me and my family always wished to see Nat there, finally our wish came true,” another added. “That’s rude of you. I wish you good luck but please respect others as well.”

“This is pretty disappointing, I used to have a lot of respect for both you and Nat but it seems as though Nat is the one with real class,” someone else posted.


A fourth wrote: “Catty behaviour is unbecoming. This tweet is totally unnecessary," while someone else tweeted “not classy”.

Others expressed their support for Sam, saying that they wish she had stayed on Sunrise.

“Not the same without you Sam,” a fan replied.

“Sam you are so missed,” another posted online. “I only watch because I can’t stand Today. I miss your common sense and humour. It’s all so serious now.”

Earlier this week Sam was questioned on Kyle and Jackie O about rumours that she and Nat didn’t get along when working together.

She seemingly avoided the question, saying: “Yeah, well, look, I mean it's better to be talked about than not, isn't it in life?”

“I thought everyone might forget about me when I was having my little sabbatical, but it seems they're not, you know?” she added.

“Look, there's nothing interesting going on there, honestly. I'm just doing my thing, out in the country.”

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