Sunrise's Edwina Bartholomew threatens to quit live on air: 'I'm out'

Edwina Bartholomew threatened to quit Sunrise live on air over a segment on sleep deprivation.

It came after a live cross detailing about a new study from scientists at the University of California, LA (UCLA) who warned that too little shut eye in the first six months after labour can actually accelerate ageing in women.

Edwina Bartholomew on Sunrise
Edwina Bartholomew has threatened to quit Sunrise live on air. Photo: Channel 7

Results, published in the journal Sleep Health, suggest those who got by on less than seven hours of shut eye a night at the six-month mark had a "biological age" that was three to seven years older than the mothers who managed to nod off for longer.

Edwina, who is the mother to 18-month-old daughter Molly, looked disgusted as the camera cut back to the studio.


"Thanks Kristina, really appreciate that cross," the 38-year-old said

"Between covid, climate change and everything else that's happened this week... that is it, I'm out, I quit. That is the worst news ever.”

Edwina laughed as she threw a piece of paper across the table.

Sunrise hosts
Edwina looks disgusted over the report. Photo: Channel 7

Sunrise host Natalie Barr pointed out that the research spelled out something every mother already knows. "But also, isn't that a bit of a derr moment, didn't we already know that?” she said.

"A lot of the world have been mothers, so they could have just asked them?!"

Edwina’s on-air moment comes after it was revealed she was reportedly "not entirely happy" after a major change at the popular breakfast program when Samantha Armytage decided to leave the show after eight years at the helm.

Edwina Bartholomew with daughter Molly
Edwina is the mother to 18-month-old daughter Molly. Photo: Instagram/Edwina Bartholomew

Natalie Barr was quickly announced as the show's new co-host, stepping into the role alongside David 'Kochie' Koch, a move an insider claims left Edwina feeling "rightly miffed".

"One day [Sam] was out the door and the next day they announced Nat as her replacement," a source reportedly told New Idea magazine.

"There was no opportunity for Eddie to put up her hand and say 'pick me'."

Edwina was apparently at least “hoping for a look in”, having considered herself "as a firm favourite after years of loyalty".

However, it's been stressed any feelings Edwina may have about missing out on the role are not directed at Nat, who she has praised publicly on numerous occasions.

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