Sugar’s Season Finale Ends With Another Out-of-This-World Twist — Would You Watch a Season 2?

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Friday’s season finale of Sugar.

After the curveball that Apple TV+’s Sugar threw at us a couple weeks ago — Colin Farrell’s private eye John Sugar is actually an alien?!? — we were ready for anything in this week’s season finale. But we were still surprised to see where Sugar ended up.

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Friday’s finale begins with Sugar driving his vintage convertible with Olivia Siegel in his passenger seat. (He rescued her from Ryan Pavich’s basement torture chamber at the end of last week’s episode.) He calls Melanie, and she rushes over to reunite with Olivia, with the girl breaking down in sobs when she sees Melanie’s face. We see that Sugar kept a CD marked “#44” from Pavich’s dungeon — and we also see that Ruby’s boss Miller got pulled over by the cops… and shot dead in cold blood.

Sugar Finale Ruby
Sugar Finale Ruby

Sugar goes to see Ruby, who tells him, “I’m really glad you found her.” But he’s still skeptical: “Are you?” She warns him that “they’re probably looking for us… and now we’ve all got to go.” They’re all leaving today — for their home planet, we’re guessing — and “last call’s at sunset.” Sugar finds Henry inside scribbling in his notebook, and they both admit they have mixed feelings about leaving Earth. Sugar asks to borrow a CD player so he can play Pavich’s CD. He know Pavich is the killer, but something about this still feels off to him.

He plays the CD, and it’s Pavich rambling about his thought process before bashing in a woman’s skull with a hammer. Then Sugar heads to the Siegels, where he offers his condolences to Margit, and a grateful Jonathan offers him a lucrative job as head of security at his company. But Sugar politely declines, gazing out at Olivia walking in the yard with her dad. Sugar asks Jonathan about the body that went missing from Olivia’s trunk, but Jonathan just smiles: “You can relax now, Sugar. You did it. It’s over.” Sugar won’t relax, though. He shows Jonathan the Polaroids of Olivia’s mother Rachel in the same dress from Jonathan’s old movie. A sheepish Jonathan admits: “She was unhappy, and I couldn’t help myself.” So is he Olivia’s father? “She’s loved. That’s all that matters.”

Sugar Finale Jonathan Siegel
Sugar Finale Jonathan Siegel

Sugar has visions of a pair of aliens in the desert before calling Ruby, assuring her he’ll meet her at the evacuation site after making a few stops. He plays more of the CD, with Pavich raving about how killing makes him feel alive. He drops off his dog to stay with a newly sober Melanie, and she asks if he’s leaving for good. “Never say never,” he replies, “but it’s going to be a long trip.” He also opens up about his sister: “She was taken by somebody. A long time ago. We never knew who. It’s kind of why I do what I do.” Before leaving, he takes Melanie’s hands in his, and his eyes start to turn that alien blue. He doesn’t explain, but she seems to get it, and he knows what he did is “strictly against the rules”… but he’s glad he did it.

Ruby urges Sugar to hurry up, adding that the humans “are hunting us” because they don’t want their secret deal to come to light. Sugar plays more of the CD, with more of the killer Pavich ranting, and something about his rant sparks a memory in Sugar. He makes a sharp U-turn and heads back to the Siegels, asking if he can talk to Olivia. He sits down with her and asks: “He wasn’t alone in the basement, was he?” She says no, there was someone else with Pavich, but she never saw his face because a bright light was always shining in her eyes. The mystery man never spoke, either… “but I could hear him writing.” Uh-oh.

Sugar Episode 6 Henry
Sugar Episode 6 Henry

Sugar goes back to the killer’s confessions on the CD — and realizes he’s heard Henry saying the same things word for word. He goes to Henry’s, but the house is empty, and he picks up a ringing phone to hear Henry’s voice: “So now you know.” Henry insists he was only there with Pavich to “observe and report,” like their mission says: “How else do we learn?” Henry’s not leaving Earth, either: “I belong here. So do you.” He leads Sugar to the closet, where he finds a shawl… the same shawl his sister was wearing when she went missing. So Henry took her, too?! Sugar is frantic: “Is she alive? Is she here?” Henry won’t answer, though. So Sugar decides he needs to find him.

After dipping his toes in the ocean, Sugar hits the road with a new mission: “I’m going to find Henry Thorpe. However long it takes. I’m gonna find him.” He meets Ruby at the evacuation site, and she admits she knew about Henry and the killer: “I went along with it. We all did. For the mission.” But she didn’t know about Sugar’s sister. She reminds him this is “the last ride home,” and his sister is probably dead anyway. “Probably,” Sugar concedes, but he needs to know for sure. He’ll miss home, he says, “but this place, these people… for better or worse, I like them. I’m like them.”

He wishes her a safe trip and then drives off as we see a strange object streak through the sky. He muses about Hollywood endings and how the best movies always know when to wrap up: “Sooner or later… it’s time to go home.”

Well, that was a lot more open-ended than we expected — but what did you think? Grade the finale in our poll, and then hit the comments and tell us: Would you watch a Season 2 of Sugar?

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