Australia's best sugar-free, dairy-free and vegan Easter chocolate

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It’s hard not to overdo things at Easter, especially when every supermarket in the country is brimming with chocolate eggs of every shape, size and colour.

But if you’re looking for something a little different this year, we’ve put together a list of dairy-free, vegan and sugar-free Easter choccies that you’ll love, starting with this bad boy that ticks all three boxes.

For chocolate that really makes you feel good about yourself, look no further than these Boobook Chocolate Caramel Eggs from Loving Earth.

They’re made in Melbourne from all natural and organic ingredients, their packaging is compostable and made from recycled materials, and sales support the Great Forest National Park campaign which aims to protect Melbourne’s Mountain Ash Forests.

three packets of Boobook Chocolate Caramel Eggs from Loving Earth.
These Aussie-made chocolate and caramel eggs are sugar-free, dairy-free, vegan and certified organic. Photo: Loving Earth

Made mostly from cashews, almonds, cacao butter and beans - and sweetened with evaporated coconut nectar - they have a soft, caramel centre with notes of burnt toffee and butterscotch.


Currently on sale for $11.96, down from the regular $14.95, you can pick them up here.

Check out our list of other sugar-free, vegan and dairy-free chocolates below:

Vegan and dairy free Easter chocolate

Trinidad 'La Reunion Estate' 60% Dark Eggs $18

These artisan eggs by Sydney chocolatier Meltdown Artisan, are all about simplicity with just three ingredients; cocoa bean, sugar and cocoa butter.

Koko Black Quinoa & Goji Berry 80% Dark Chocolate Egg $24.90

This plant-based Easter egg is made in Melbourne with caramelised quinoa puffs in single-origin Ugandan chocolate.

Koko Black vegan easter egg
A decidant 80% cocoa Easter egg with quinoa puffs, goji berries and no dairy. Photo: Koko Black

Pana Organic Salted Caramel Chocolate Easter Egg $11.95

Handmade in Australia with certified organic cacao butter and coconut milk.

Treat Dreams Limited Edition Easter Bunnies $17.20

Six tiny bunnies made in Australia with white chocolate, passionfruit and toasted coconut, milk chocolate, freeze dried strawberry pieces and crispy rice puffs, and dark chocolate, sour cherry and toasted almonds.

Nomo Hazelnot Crunch Eggs $6

Hazelnut flavour without the nuts, you can pick this one up at Woolies.

Bonvita Organic White Chocolate Half Eggs $10.95

These pretty little things are handmade with organic rice milk and topped with dried raspberries. They’re also gluten free.

sugar-free, dairy-free and vegan Easter chocolate in Australia
These cute little gluten-free half eggs are $10.95. Photo: GF Pantry

Moo Free Bunnycomb Organic Chocolate Easter Egg $14.95

Another gluten free option is this honeycomb toffee flavoured egg from UK brand Moo Free.

Vegan Easter Egg $17.50

This hand decorated vegan egg is a work of art from Tassie.

Treat Dreams Cream Egg Single $4.80

Cream egg fans will enjoy this speckled Aussie treat made with fair trade vegan chocolate.

Mummy Meagz Vegan Creme Egg $3.95

Another dark chocolate cream egg is this one made without palm oil in the UK.

Sugar free Easter chocolate

Chocolatier No Sugar Added Milk Chocolate Easter Egg $5

Aussie-made and available at Woolies, this is an easy win.

sugar-free, dairy-free and vegan Easter chocolate in Australia
This egg uses sweetener instead of sugar and you can pick it up at Woolies. Photo: Chocolatier

Smooth No Added Sugar Chocolate Mini Half Eggs $7.96

These sugar free eggs contain only 4% sweetener for a guilt-free treat.

So Free Organic Dark Chocolate Easter Egg & Share Bag $9.56

Dark chocolate is always a good idea for low sugar options, and this 72% cocoa bag of eggs is made with sweetener instead of added sugar.

Loving Earth BooBook Caramel Filled Chocolate Eggs $11.96

And of course let’s not forget these sugar and sweetener free guys that are also available on Amazon Australia.

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