This stunning hotel has a sinister secret

Kristine Tarbert
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If you’re a fan of the historical, or even the ghoulish, then this hotel is right up your alley.

While this boutique hotel in Liverpool, UK, looks like your average overnight option, it holds a sinister past.

Can you figure it out?

Notice the doors? Photo:

The exposed brick and gorgeous polished wood floors give the place a rustic vibe, but did you notice the room doors? Yes they are cell doors, and yes this hotel was once a prison.

So if you’ve ever fancied a stay in a cell here is your chance. Of course things have been scrubbed up since the Bridewell Prison, which was used as the city’s main prison for over 130 years, was officially closed in 1997.

Now instead of iron chains, and hard bunk beds you’ll have modern rooms with plush double beds and all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay.

Each room features a photo of a former inmate. Photo:

The 90 former cells have become rooms that are actually furnished with photos of former inmates, and still have the same thick prison doors.

The former exercise yard has also been converted into a glass-covered lounge.

The former exercise yard is now a chic lounge. Photo:
The Bridewell prison was open for 130 years. Photo:

An overnight stay can be yours from $75 Aud, and you can explore all the cool touches for yourself.

Like an old plaque that still hangs over reception which reads, “Please do not ask for bail because a refusal often offends”.

Definitely no trying to skip out on the mini bar bill then.

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