Stunning bikini model racks up thousands of fans online despite not being real

Men all over the world have been fooled by the AI-generated blonde beauty.

In the world of social media, a stunning young woman from Finland has wowed thousands of followers with her sultry images, with admirers worldwide left dumbstruck by her next-level beauty.

Meet Milla Sofia, a seemingly typical influencer who shares her holiday adventures and runway modelling shots, garnering thousands of compliments from male users, lured in by her gorgeous photos.

However, the joke's on them - Milla Sofia isn't even real.

Milla Sofia in a bikini
Milla Sofia has fooled a lot of people online. Photo: Instagram/Milla Sofia

With an impressive following on various platforms, she boasts 9,500 followers on Twitter, 38,000 on Instagram, and a staggering 94,000 on TikTok. Her posts transport folllowers to dreamy locations like Greece, Bora Bora, and luxurious million-dollar yachts, sparking endless compliments from men all over the world.


Her followers shower her with praise, from her infectious smile to her chic fashion choices, with one user gushing, "Oh my goodness, the bikini looks good on you, it's great you're beautiful," and another adding, "You look fabulous wearing anything as well as nothing, I'm sure. You're a beautiful young woman."

However, in a world where social media models sometimes blur the lines of reality, Milla Sofia stands apart by embracing her AI origins.

Welcoming followers into her virtual realm, Milla Sofia's website boldly declares, "I am not your ordinary influencer; I am a 19-year-old woman residing in Finland, but here’s the twist — I’m an AI-generated virtual influencer."

Similarly, her Twitter and Instagram bios introduce her as a, "19-year-old virtual girl from Helsinki Finland," and explicitly state, "I was made by AI."

Despite this revelation, some of her 38.2K followers remain blissfully unaware (or perhaps undeterred) that she's not a living, breathing human, blinded by the photorealistic appearance of her posts.

In a viral TikTok that's taken the internet by storm, the AI model showcased her summer style, striking a pose in front of a picturesque flower field. The caption read: "The field of dreams. The beauty of nature is all around us!"

The AI model received a barrage of compliments from her growing fanbase. One supporter couldn't contain their excitement, exclaiming, "OMG you are absolutely beautiful." Another chimed in, expressing gratitude for this "angel" who seems to have been created by a higher power.

And they aren't far off.

Upon closer inspection of the images, it becomes evident that something isn't quite right. Backgrounds appear askew, and the AI-generation seems to have encountered challenges with her hands.

However, even with the prominent disclaimer "these images are synthetic" accompanying each post, it remains remarkably easy to overlook.

As you scroll through her Instagram page, it becomes nearly impossible to believe that she's not a real person. In fact, you'd be forgiven for assuming she's just a fan of filters and Photoshop, given her remarkably lifelike appearance.

As one Twitter user aptly put it, "If AI is already this good, we are all doomed."

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