Kerri-Anne Kennerley's shocking outburst after on-air gaffe

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She’s sparked controversy in the past with her controversial comments and now Kerri-Anne Kennerley has revealed a very awkward on-air gaffe.

The 66-year-old Studio 10 host relayed a particularly cringeworthy story from her past when she was working in a radio station in the ‘90s to the rest of the panel on the Channel 10 show.

Kerri-Anne Kennerly in a red top on Studio 10
Kerri-Anne Kennerly has relayed a story about being caught talking about a journalist while she thought her microphone had been switched off. Photo: Channel 10

Kerri-Anne thought that her microphone was turned off when the show went to a commercial break, however, she was still live on air and proceeded to say some unsavoury comments about a journalist at the time.

“It was a commercial break and my panel operator asked me a question about something that was written in the previous day's newspaper,” Kerri-Anne said.

“I explained how unhappy and unsatisfied with the journalist and probably gave her a bit of a critique that wasn’t that flattering.

“Like I've always said, the only redeeming factor with being old is you don't give a toss.”

In December, Kerri-Anne was forced to apologise after she was accused of ‘slut-shaming’ a fellow presenter on an episode of Studio 10, prompting widespread outrage from viewers.

Studio 10 couch
It comes after Kerri-Anne was forced to apologise in December over comments she made to journalist Antoinette Lattouf. Photo: Channel 10

Journalist Antoinette Lattouf appeared on Studio 10 as a guest reporter, sharing a segment on slang words when Kerri-Anne made the not-so-subtle dig.

“Did you forget your pants?” the 66-year-old asked Antoinette in a strange diversion from the conversation around emojis the two were initially having.

“It’s a playsuit,” a clearly uncomfortable Antoinette told the veteran TV personality.

As Kerri-Anne’s co-hosts Joe Hildebrand and Natarsha Belling looked on in horror, Angela Bishop jumped to rescue the mum of two with a compliment.

“And she looks unbelievable,” Ang quickly injected, but KAK wasn’t done, adding, “and she’s going to be thirsty,” in a nod to their earlier discussion of the meaning of the slang word.

Kerri-Anne is said to have called the journalist afterwards and the pair had a ‘respectful’ conversation.

“Kerri-Anne called Antoinette over the weekend and apologised for her comment. She reiterated her comment was not intended to cause offence. They had a respectful conversation and Antoinette accepted her apology,” a spokesperson said in a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle.

Kerri-Anne previously stated on the show that she manages to avoid reading any mean comments about herself on social media.

“I'm so glad I don't know how to do Twitter and most of those other things because apparently people do say mean things,” she said on Studio 10.

“Luckily, I have no idea what they are.”

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