These 9 Exercises Work The Abs And Butt At The Same Time

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The 9 Best Abs And Butt Workout Moves Hearst Owned

Having strong glutes go hand in hand with a strong core. “These two muscle groups are responsible for so many of the movements that we make in our day-to-day life and our posture," says Melissa Kendter, CPT. "Therefore, exercises that work them both at the same time can lead to a stronger body and overall better movement patterns.”

What's more, focusing only on the abs and neglecting your glutes sets you up for injury and inefficiencies in your workouts. “If we have weak glutes, the core will try to compensate, causing increased strain on the back, which in turn can cause unnecessary force placed upon the knee and ankle,” Kendter explains. On the flip side, a weak core makes it so that your glutes don’t have enough stability from the spine above to produce efficient movement. In other words, using exercises that work the abs and butt simultaneously are beneficial for us inside and outside of the gym, per Kendter.

That's why she crafted this abs and butt workout for Women's Health that prioritizes exercises that do double duty, strengthening both of these crucial muscle groups. Ready?

Meet the expert: Melissa Kendter, CPT, is an ACE-certified trainer, functional strength coach, UESCA running coach, and the owner of Melissa Kendter Fitness LLC.

The Best Abs And Butt Workout

Time: 30 minutes

Equipment: Mat, kettlebells, dumbbells, box or bench

Good for: Glutes and abs

Instructions: Choose five exercises below for a full abs and butt workout. Complete the suggested sets and reps for each, then continue to the next exercise.

Ideally, working a muscle group twice per week is superior for strength and hypertrophy (read: muscle growth), but if you are doing low-impact bodyweight exercises, they can be done more frequently throughout the week, says Kendter.

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