Steve Carell Reveals Why He 'Will Not Be Showing Up' In New 'The Office' Series

Much to fans’ disappointment, Steve Carell has confirmed that he will not be returning for the new “Office” series.

“I will be watching, but I will not be showing up,” Carell said of the upcoming spinoff while speaking with The Hollywood Reporter at the premiere of his new movie, “IF,” on Monday.

“It’s just a new thing, and there’s really no reason for my character to show up in something like that.”

“But I’m excited about it, it sounds like a great conceit,” Carell continued. “I love the idea — I guess it’s set in a failing newspaper company, and I worked with Domhnall Gleeson, who is one of the leads. I did [the 2022 series] ‘The Patient’ with him, and he’s an excellent actor and a super nice guy, so I think it’ll be great.”

Carell starred as fan favorite Michael Scott in the American version of “The Office.” The beloved mockumentary sitcom ran for nine seasons, beginning in March 2005 and ending in May 2013.

Despite Carell’s elation over the new “Office” show, social media users on X, formerly called Twitter, have largely slammed the project since its announcement.

Co-created by Greg Daniels, who developed and executive produced “The Office,” and television writer Michael Koman, the forthcoming series will be set in the Dunder Mifflin universe and introduce a new cast of characters, Deadline reported last week.

The show, which will be on Peacock, will see “the documentary crew that immortalized Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch is in search of a new subject when they discover a dying historic Midwestern newspaper and the publisher trying to revive it with volunteer reporters,” according to a press release from Peacock.

Production for the series, which is still untitled, will begin in July. A release date has not been announced.