The 'All Stars 9' Cast Share Their Favorite 'Drag Race' Runway Looks

With every new season of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars comes the all star lips, the all star teeth and of course those all star runways. In the hiatus between their original seasons and their All Stars appearances, our favorite Drag Race alumni have hauled in plenty of coin from all those gigs. And with that money, they've elevated their drag with more expensive wigs, shoes, clothes (and occasionally faces).

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All Stars 9 seems to be no exception with the queens already delivering LOOKS in their pre-season promo and press tour ensembles. Roxxxy Andrews' head-to-toe Balenciaga looks? Plastique Tiara's headpieces? Gottmik's black-and-white couture? Fans will be EATING when this season stars on May 17, and we finally get to see some of their runway looks.

But in the lead up to All Stars 9, Parade had the opportunity to ask the queens about their favorite looks from seasons past. Here is what the eight returning queens listed as their best runway fashion moments from their original seasons.

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The RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 9 queen's favorite runway looks

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Angeria Paris VanMichaels

"My favorite runway look from the first season had to be my finale eleganza. I don't think I've ever worn anything so expensive or so lavish and extravagant in my entire career, and I probably never will. I surprised myself. I got dressed and looked in the mirror and was like 'Okay we did it.' I saw it on TV, and I was like 'Whoa I want to be her,' and I was her."

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'I think the finale ball was my favorite runway look ever. My finale eleganza moment was just...I don't know when I'll wear anything like that crazy ever again. Hopefully I can top it one day. Also the Keith Haring look. The Cenobite look from the Hellraiser was just peak iconic artistry for me. It's everything I loved all in one little ball. I have to pick all three."

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"It was the Weed Pope runway, the Holy Couture runway, because it represents everything that I love, which is weed. It represented for the stoners, literally."

Nina West

"I loved my facekini as a total homage to Lee Bowery. I thought that was really fab. I mean he's one of those leading queer drag performers and artists and so I loved that. Yeah I loved that a lot."

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Plastique Tiara

"My favorite runway probably was the one I made. That episode was so special, and it was all my doing, you know, so it was amazing."

Roxxxy Andrews

"I love anything that I've ever created because you know 'You give me a sewing challenge, and I give you what you like.' Definitely the finale outfits, because it just summed up the whole season. You become a butterfly by the end, so it always makes me feel so special to make it to the end."

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"The Medusa, for sure. Just because I think it was very ahead of its time. You know, back then, there was no blueprint. Today, costumes are so celebrated, and so fantastic, but at that time, I think they wanted a little more minimalistic, actually. They kept telling me that I was too costumed. And that's what I do, I love a good costume."

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Vanessa Vanjie Mateo

"Oh, the Libra look with the big ole flowers. That shit was crazy. I had to glue it on my head. I turned the party on that. It was heavy. I had all the flowers. But that's drag. Yeah, that one was sick."

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