Star on Disney+: 4 things to know about the new subscription

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As day turns into night and night into day, so it is that the launch of yet another streaming service has come to pass, predictable as the tides. Although technically this is less a new streaming service and more an addition to an existing one. Either way, everyone: meet Star!

Star is an upgrade to the Disney+ subscription, with a moderate price hike and a huge boost to the amount of content available.

A screenshot of the homepage for Star on Disney+
Star delivers four enticing originals and a buttload of older stuff from multiple sources. Photo: Disney+.

But is it worth it? Will it be something you’ll enjoy? And should you give it a red-hot go? Join us as we investigate this shining new Star.


What is Star on Disney+?

Disney+ is great and all, but for most people, it’s a way to watch The Mandalorian, Wandavision and keep the kids happy by chucking them in front of Frozen for the 86,974th time. Pixar flicks are delightful but sometimes an adult yearns for content where people swear, drink heavily, touch butts and so on.

Well, Star has come to the rescue. Many of the 450 movies and 155 TV shows available at launch feature adult content that would make your nan blush and confuse the ruggies.

You’ve got flicks like Alien (1979), Die Hard (1988), Titanic (1996), The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), Deadpool (2016) and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017). Plus telly gear like Alias, The X-Files, Firefly, Homeland, New Girl and black-ish.

Ryan Phillippe in character on set of the TV series Big Sky
Big Sky is a tense, exciting Star Original from David E. Kelly (The Undoing, Big Little Lies). Photo: Disney+.

Which TV shows and movies are on Star?

Sure, Star has content from FX, 20th Century Studios and Television, Touchstone, ESPN and more, but they’ll be creating and streaming original content too. At launch, four Star Originals will be available: Big Sky – a crime thriller from David E. Kelly (The Undoing, Big Little Lies), Love, Victor – a spinoff from the YA hit Love, Simon, Helstrom – a Marvel show with a demonic twist and Solar Opposites – an animated sci-fi cartoon from Justin Roiland, co-creator of Rick and Morty.

It’s a solid starting line-up, but there’s plenty more on the horizon, including: Dopesick – a drama about America’s struggle with the opioid epidemic starring Michael Keaton and Rosario Dawson, Only Murders in the Building - a sitcom about true crime addicts starring Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez, Reservation Dogs – the latest from endless delight machine Taika Waititi and Y: The Last Man – the adaptation of the beloved graphic novel series.

It’s an impressive group of shows! Oh, there’s also The Kardashian Jenners – which is the next iteration of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and the dark punishment for all of our misdeeds.

A screenshot of the hub area on Disney+ interface
Star is added to the hub area on Disney+ so you can easily find it when you're day drinking in quarantine. Photo: Disney+.

How much does Star cost?

Okay, onto brass tacks, how much does this bad boy cost?

Well, it’s $11.99 for a monthly subscription, which is up from the Disney+ launch price of $8.99, and $119.99 for an annual subscription, which is up from $89.

A medium tier price when compared to its nearest competitors.

Is Star worth it?

Look, if you’re already a Disney+ subscriber, the extra few dollarydoos are probably worth the hundreds of movies and TV shows you’ll now have access to. If not, you might want to have a closer look at the titles and see what’s what.

However, what with the slate of upcoming Marvel shows, Star Wars shows, classic movies and enticing originals, it looks like Star may well join the ranks of streaming services you’ve just got to subscribe to.

Ultimately, that’s the price of this golden age of television: constantly paying for new stuff. Alas, our poor, poor wallets.

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