Artist launches 'send nudes' collection in Sydney with naked window display

An Instagram artist, who has made millions from her nude paintings, is set to bring her designs to life in Australia.

27-year-old Sophie Tea, who hails from the UK but spends most of the year in Sydney, will open her first-ever high street shop in Manly where she will showcase an ‘empowering celebration of the human form, female body diversity and self-love” with her ‘Send Nudes’ collection.

Sophie Tea in front of nude paintings
Sophie Tea is set to bring her 'Send Nudes' collection to Sydney with a shop in Manly. Photo: Supplied
Sophie Tea artwork
The collection is n ‘empowering celebration of the human form, female body diversity and self-love”. Photo: Supplied

The shop will open on Thursday 2nd July however to celebrate the big launch, Sophie will be creating a naked window display this Sunday June 28th, which will feature Aussie female volunteers of all ages, sizes and backgrounds, all wearing nothing but body paint.

Sophie went viral back in 2017 after she and her friend, Jenna Meek, gave birth to the ‘glitter boob’ trend.

They were at a ski festival in the French Alps and had become locally famous for painting people’s faces with glitter.

“It was so popular in real life but to scale a business, it’s important to make noise online,” Sophie told Yahoo Lifestyle lsat year.

“We knew we had to do something outrageous.”

“It was Jenna’s idea for me and two other girls to take our tops off on the top freezing cold mountain and cover our boobs in glitter.

“I remember everyone at the bar was glaring at us but I don’t regret it one bit!”

The photos quickly spread around the world, and glitter boobs soon became the outfit of choice for many festival goers.

Sophie Tea in front of a nude painting of a female
Sophie Tea's artworks sell out within seconds of being posted to Instagram. Photo: Instagram/Sophie Tea
Sophie Tea artwork Sydney
Her shop will open up in Manly next week. Photo: Instagram/@sophieteaart

Now, Sophie’s art creations sell out within seconds of being posted online for her 97,000 followers and last year, she turned over nearly AU$2 million.

The artist, who has a degree in business, is known for shunning the traditional methods of selling art by cutting out the gallery and middle man and instead operating purely from Instagram.

Sophie is passionate about opening up original art to a demographic who are primarily between the ages of 20 and 35, and have never thought of purchasing original art before.

“I’ve had to adapt my entire strategy to cater for my audience,” she previously told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“I pride myself on ‘taking people’s art virginity’ and making it accessible to everyone.”

“One of the ways I have gained so many orders is by offering payment plans where my customers can pay for an original piece of art in monthly instalments up to a year, with no interest.

Sophie Tea nude images
Sophie made nearly $2 million last year from her artwork. Photo: Instagram/sophieteaart

“It’s an affordable way to invest in original art and allows me to impress more people when they display my work proudly in their house, leading to a 50 percent repeat customer rate.”

When in Sydney last year, she posted 50 small original pieces to her Instagram page priced at $700 each, and they sold out in less than half an hour.

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