Child star unrecognisable in grown-up snaps

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Sophia Grace Brownlee and her cousin Rosie McClelland eight years ago. Photo: Youtube

Your might remember her as an adorable eight-year-old in a pink tutu and tiara expertly rapping Nicki Minaj’s hit Super Bass.

But Sophia Grace Brownlee is now all grown up.

The British youngster and her cousin Rosie McClelland posted a video of their duo to YouTube in 2011, and it’s now racked up 54 million views.

Of course it went so viral that not long after the pair appeared on The Ellen Show, quickly becoming regular contributors.

But it’s been eight years since they first graced the world’s TV screens and a now 16-year-old Sophia Grace is barely recognisable.

Regularly sharing snaps with her 1.4m Instagram followers, Sophia caused a stir across social media recently with many not recognising the child star now that she is a teenager.

Sophia Grace Brownlee has been in the spotlight since she was eight. Photo: Getty

“Wow, no pink tutu anymore,” one person commented.

“No way is that Sophia,” another said.

Some however also weren’t happy with the type of photos Sophia was posting, calling her out for acting older than she is.

“I don’t like this.... why can’t teen just act normal,” was one comment on a recent snap of her in a tight orange crop top.

“Sophia, do you photoshop your photos?” another wrote.

Most however defended the teen, calling out haters online.

“She's a teenager leave her alone just because she's famous and was one a kid doesn't mean she still has the act that way,” one person wrote.

“Guys the only reason she doesn’t post YouTube videos now is probably because when she does she gets so much unnecessary hate for no reason, give her a break.”

Either way we’re definitely feeling a little old right now.

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