How Sofia Vergara 'Recycled' Initial Tattoo of Ex Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello and Sofía Vergara

Sofía Vergara is all about reusing and recycling!

The Griselda actress decided to put her old tattoo to good use after she split from her ex-husband, Joe Manganiello, whose first initial she had inked on one of her wrists.

Vergara, 51, was a guest star on the Friday, May 31 episode of The Talk, along with her son, Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, 32 where the America's Got Talent judge opened up about her solution to having her ex's initial tattooed on her body—a problem she fixed quite easily.

"This was Joe Manganiello's initial, but now he's gone," she casually stated while the audience erupted in laughter and applause.

The Talk co-host Sheryl Underwood also joined in on the applause for Vergara, telling her, "That's what I'm talking about, girl!"

But co-host Natalie Morales wanted to know how Vergara fixed the problem, as she probed, "So what did you do?"

"How lucky can I be that the guy that I'm going out [with] has the same initial!"

Since parting ways with Manganiello, Vergara sparked up a romance with orthopedic surgeon Justin Saliman, whose name conveniently starts with a "J" as well.

"Recycled!" Vergara then exclaimed, offering up a valid point.

"Eco friendly tattoos 😂😂😂" one person quipped on Instagram under a clip from Friday's The Talk episode, while another fan jokingly dubbed Vergara a "Sustainable Queen 🤣❤️."

"I like how she says 'but he's gone now' 😂😂 I'll take him 🤭,'" another comment read.

"She is so real👏👏" someone else applauded, while another commenter implored, "Someone give her a talk show."

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