SNL Video: Chloe Fineman Spoofs JoJo Siwa’s Bad Girl Era on Weekend Update

During Saturday’s Weekend Update, Chloe Fineman embodied our generation’s most iconic good girl gone bad: JoJo Siwa.

Donned in Siwa’s now-trademark black eye makeup and dazzling outfit, Fineman began the Saturday Night Live sketch by announcing: “I used to be rainbow sparkles and now I’m black sparkles!”

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In case you aren’t familiar, the real-life Dance Moms alum has been making headlines in recent weeks for her dramatic transformation from a bow-wearing, rainbow-touting emblem of childhood to something not all that different, only now in black.

“I look like if a figure skater joined a street gang,” Fineman added. Colin Jost contended that Siwa’s new look was more like if “Mad Max was on Broadway.”

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Fineman’s Siwa went on to do everything you’d expect from a young woman in her bad girl era. She smoked a cigarette (well, pretended to); she broke out into aggressive impromptu dances, complete with head thrashing and fist banging; and delivered a particularly cringeworthy “that’s what she said” joke. Does it get any badder than that?

After all the chaos that was Siwa’s Weekend Update spoof, you were probably wondering: How old is this girl? Well, Fineman confirmed, “From 2011-2023 I was eight, but now I’m 20 and gay! I’m the first gay girl in the world!”

Also during Weekend Update, an exhausted Jerry Seinfeld stopped by with an important message for Ryan Gosling.

Watch the full Siwa sketch above, then grade this week’s SNL with Dua Lipa pulling double duty as host and musical guest.

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