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three TikTokers slugging with vaseline
Slugging is a TikTok-famous beauty trend that involves applying a thin layer of Vaseline over your face before bed. Photo: TikTok/thebeautyagenteurs, lenamaiah and erinduganjurchk

A cheap and cheerful product has become one of the most popular beauty buys on TikTok.

With over 181 million views, good old Vaseline Petroleum Jelly has become something of a cult buy, with TikTokers and dermatologists jumping on it as a great overnight moisturiser.

Slugging with Vaseline

The trend is called ‘slugging’ and involves applying a very thin layer of vaseline over your face either on its own or on top of your usual moisturiser or serum as a way of sealing everything in.

In a TikTok video, Jamie Kim, a certified Physician Assistant specialising in Dermatology in the US, says, “Vaseline is an occlusive so it helps ‘lock in’ moisture.”

Vaseline is having a moment of fame on TikTok.

She recommends only using a thin layer after applying your regular moisturiser and says it’s also good for people with eczema and for chapped lips.

Meanwhile another dermatologist on TikTok, Dr Lindsey Zubritsky, says, “Us derms love petroleum jelly.”

“We recommend petroleum jelly all the time for patients, especially those with eczema or dry skin. It’s an effective emollient that creates a barrier over the skin and prevents water loss.”

She adds, however, that it’s not for everyone and you should avoid slugging if your skin is already oily or prone to acne and breakouts.

Slugging isn’t a new beauty trend, and actually has its origins in the Korean beauty world, but it’s recently gone viral on TikTok.


Vaseline has also been popping up in lots of hack videos on TikTok with people using it for all sorts of interesting things.

One person says it’s great for removing eye makeup if you’re out of makeup remover, and another claims you should rub a little vaseline on your skin before spraying your perfume to have it last longer.

A third person uses it to cover her fingers before painting her nails with red nail polish so that any red that gets onto her skin can be easily wiped off afterwards.

Other TikTok-famous beauty products

Data collected by Lookfantastic lists Vaseline as the second most popular beauty product on the social media platform, after the top selling Beauty Blender that has over 244 million views.

Coming in third is the Revlon Dryer and Volumiser brush which dries and styles your hair at the same time to give you a salon-like blow dry without a hairdryer.

Unfortunately, the Revlon dryer brush is not available in Australia at the moment, but a few other brands have similar products including this one from Hot Tools and this $60 one from Amazon that has great reviews.

Some of the other popular products include the super shiny and long lasting NYX Shine Loud Lip Gloss, Too Face Lip Injection Lip Plumping Gloss for those bee-stung lips, and L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara for false-looking lashes.

The $31 Denman hairbrush that's great for naturally curly hair, and $52 Dr Jart+ Colour Correcting Treatment for reducing redness, are also very popular, with 50 million and 20 million views respectively.

Beauty blender: $28

pink Beauty Blender
The $28 Beauty Blender is the number one beauty buy on TikTok and is great for applying foundation flawlessly.

Hot brush and volumiser: $60 currently on sale for $40

hot brush and volumiser
Unfortunately the Revlon hot brush and volumiser isn't currently available in Australia but this $40 one from Amazon is very similar according to reviews.

NYX Shine Loud Lip Gloss: $26 currently on sale for $19

TikTok famous NYX Shine Loud Lip Gloss on sale
This $26 NYX Shine Loud Lip Gloss is TikTok famous for being super shiny, non-transferable and long lasting. It's currently on sale for $19.

Too Face Lip Injection Gloss: $29

Too Face lip gloss
This lip gloss from Too Face gives you that bee-sting, lip filler look.

L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara: $27 currently on sale for $13.50

L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara
TikTok can't get over the false-lash look of this $27 L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara, currently on sale for $13.50.

Denman brush: $31

Denman brush
This Denman brush is loved by curly haired people as a way to define their natural curls.

Dr Jart+ Colour Correcting Treatment: $52

Dr Jart+ Colour Correcting Treatment
This Dr Jart+ Colour Correcting Treatment is popular for reducing redness and evening out skin tone.

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