Sliced Chocolate Is Here...And It's Amazing

First there was easy-singles sliced cheese and sliced ham but now there is sliced chocolate.

Yes, your read that right, sliced chocolate is now definitiley a thing in Japan, and it looks glorious.

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According to Japanese news site Rocket24, Japanese chocolate-making company Bourbon has released a range of uniquely squared chocolate slices.


In each pack comes five two-millimeter thick slices of what Japan calls “nama chocolate,”, which is described by Rocket 24 as "a rich, creamy confectionary that’s not as sweet as fudge, but more intense in flavor than ordinary milk chocolate".

The clever chocolate invention can also be bought on Bourbon's website and judging by Pee-wee Herman's tweet, just about everybody in the world will be dying to try these out.

Would you give the chocolate slices a thumbs up or thumbs down?

We can't wait to give the crazy invention a go.

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