Sizzler releases cheese toast recipe as farewell gift to Australia

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It’s one of the most iconic cheese toasties in Australia and now Sizzler has revealed how their loyal customers can recreate the delicious snack at home themselves.

Sizzler recently announced they will shut the doors on all their Australian stores after 35 years of bringing all-you-can-eat cuisine to the market.

Sizzler cheese toast
Sizzler has released the recipe for their iconic cheese toast. Photo: Instagram/Sizzler

And now, as a parting gift, the secret recipe has been revealed and all you need is three items to whip up the cheese toast at home - thick white bread, pecorino cheese and margarine.

The first step is to combine equal amounts of margarine and pecorino cheese ina bowl.

When it forms into a paste, spread that evening over one side of the bread and put it in a low-medium flat grill, paste side down.

Toast for about a minute until the whole surface is brown and it’s ready to eat.


Man holding Sizzler cheese toast
All you need is three ingredients to make the classic snack at home. Photo: Instagram/Sizzler

The recipe revelation is no doubt sure to thrill Sizzler fans, who have called the cheese toast the ‘best ever’ on social media.

At the beginning of October, fans were left devastated when the restaurant chain announced they would be shutting up shop.

“It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that after 35 years it is time to say goodbye.

The difficult decision has been made to close all remaining Sizzler Australia restaurants this November,” they wrote on their social media account.

“We are so very grateful to our dedicated staff and we want to thank each and every one of our customers for supporting us and creating and sharing memories at Sizzler over the past 35 years.

The entrance to a Sizzler restaurant in Brisbane's CBD
Sizzler announced tin October that they are closing their restaurants in Australia after 35 years. Photo: AAP

“Our restaurants will remain open until the last day of trade on 15 November 2020 (excluding Maroochydore), so there is still time to enjoy all your grill and Salad Bar favourites.

“We hope to see you all for one last slice of Cheese Toast.”

Loyal fans didn't take the news very well, with one writing online: “This has been our family’s treat tradition for so many years. There’s nowhere else I’d rather go.”

“I have been going to Sizzler since 1987 and me and my husband and adult kids call it our 2nd home as we go there every week. So sad to see such a great restaurant closing for good. Need to stock up on cheese toast every week until the final day,” another person wrote.

Others asked them to reconsider staying open, however the restaurant is currently in its final weeks of trading.

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