The Simple Hack To Prevent Syrup And Honey From Sticking To Spoons

Honey on a spoon
Honey on a spoon - Arto_canon/Getty Images

Whenever it's time to make a classic honey mustard sauce, it's pretty much a given the honey is going to stick to your spoon. And if it isn't honey clinging to your utensil, its maple syrup when you're making an applesauce spice cake with maple glaze, which makes it difficult to get an accurate measurement of how much made it into the recipe. Luckily, there's a simple hack to prevent this from happening and it doesn't require more than oil or cooking spray.

Coat your spoon with a neutral tasting oil or a non-stick spray before you dip it in your jar of honey or pour a glug of this classic pancake topping onto it. You will find that both honey and syrup will effortlessly glide right off your spoon. If you like the way this trick works when spooning honey into your tea, or maple syrup into your marinades and mixing bowls, you can also use this hack when measuring larger quantities with measuring cups.

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Use It With Other Sticky Ingredients

Peanut butter in a bowl and measuring cup
Peanut butter in a bowl and measuring cup - Sarah Marchant/Shutterstock

Why does honey get stuck on your spoons and measuring cups in the first place? The simple answer: Because it's sticky, duh. The more complex answer, according to ABC Science, is that these thick, sticky liquids are made of water and high concentrations of sugar. The sugar molecules can slow down the water molecules depending on how you are trying to move the solution. Try to move honey forward and the water molecules slow down; however, move them rotationally and science says the movement doesn't slow.

Regardless of the science, this trick works with the oil or spray serving as a lubricant that keeps things from sticking. And as long as you use either a non-stick spray or oil without any flavor, your problem is solved without risk of adding an unwanted taste. But don't limit yourself. Use this hack when measuring ingredients like molasses, peanut butter, or agave syrup. It's definitely a game changer, and what makes this culinary knowledge bomb even better is how much easier your clean up will be -- no more sticky kitchen tools.

What Type Of Oil Should You Use?

Measuring spoon full of liquid
Measuring spoon full of liquid - Brazzo/Getty Images

Additionally, warm surfaces make it more difficult for sticky ingredients to adhere to them. If you don't have any oil or cooking spray to spare, just run your measuring spoons and cups under hot water for 30 seconds then use immediately for your syrup or honey. This should help your thick, sticky liquids slide right off, leaving little if anything behind.

What are neutral oils you should consider using for this trick? There is actually quite a variety to choose from that are derived from fruits, veggies, and grains. Canola, vegetable, avocado, grapeseed, sunflower, safflower, and peanut oil are all part of this family and will impart little to no flavor in your honey or maple syrup. However, if you are worried about any of these oils clashing with your recipe, just do a quick taste test before you get cooking, and choose accordingly.

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