‘Ever vigilant’ elephant stamps out threat to calf at watering hole

A momma elephant keeps her babies close because danger often lurks in unexpected places.

The accompanying footage, shared this week by an Indian conservation official, shows momma standing guard as her calf plops on its side to roll in a muddy watering hole.

After a few seconds, momma elephant grows suspicious and suddenly a crocodile appears in the frame, lunging toward the calf.

Viewers will note that momma is having none of it and ends the threat without harm inflicted on her baby.

Dr. PM Dhakate, Chief Conservator of Forests, stated via X:

“See this amazing moment as a mother elephant saves her calf from a crocodile. Her strong, ever vigilant and brave actions show what maternal instinct is all about.”

–Generic elephant image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Story originally appeared on For The Win