The side of Survivor you don’t see: 'Producers give a lot of clues'

Eliza Velk
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With all the physical challenges and the candid camp moments on Australian Survivor, it can be easy to forget that the contestants actually share the island with a bunch of camera crew and producers.

However, according to the season’s biggest schemer Benji Wilson – who was dramatically voted off in last night’s tribal council – the producers actually have more of an influence on the gameplay than we ever thought.

Benji Wilson was dramatically voted off last night after it came to a showdown between himself and Sharn. Source: Twitter/ Australian Survivor

Aside from his top-notch manipulation skills that helped him pull off one of the biggest moves In Australian Survivor history, Benji admitted that a major part of his strategy was picking up on the producer’s ‘clues’.

“Most of the game is understanding what the whole dynamic of the show is – what’s the storyline,” Benji told Be. 

“[Producers] do give a lot of clues and sometimes it might be misdirection but you have to take it all into account.”

“When you’re sitting there getting asked questions it’s very helpful to break them down like, ‘Why am I getting asked if I trust Brian?'” he said.

Benji revealed how he gained a lot of insight after speaking to producers in front of the camera, Source: Ten

However, when it came to being sneaky the impact of producers wasn’t always a good thing.

“It also backfires on you,” Benji said.

“You always know where the cameras are at all times so if you want to have a conversation with someone strategically… you have to wait for a camera to come over and then everyone is like ‘Well Benji is going to go talk to Fenella about something strategic'”

However, Benji admits that having the cameras also backfired on his sneaky gameplay. Source: Ten

Producers also tend to cut out much of the contestant’s candid moments at camp meaning we miss a lot of the mischief they get up to while trying to kill time.

Thankfully, Benji filled us in there too:

“We played the games, we threw coconuts at each other, I wrestled Robbie probably every day… and we talked about food like 90 percent of the time…that was the worst” he laughed.

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