'Shy' student, 22, is auctioning her virginity for $1m

Rebekah Scanlan
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A cash-strapped student who describes herself as “shy” is auctioning off her virginity online for $1 million — despite having never even been on a date.

Danielle Breene, 22, is hoping to pay off her debts and provide herself with “financial security” by offering up her ‘first time’ to the highest bidder.

Danielle admits however, that the money making scheme has left her a “little anxious” as she’s never even been on a date with a guy before.

Brazilian student Danielle Breene is auctioning her virginity for $1 million, despite admitting the fact she’s never even been on a date. Source: DanielleBreeneVirginityAuction

“I’m a little anxious, and I’m nervous about how things are going to be, after all, it’s my first time,” she told the Daily Mail.

“I’ve never dated and I’m very shy. I hope the winner be a kind and polite person, a gentleman.”

Since setting up her website in June, the Brazilian has had two serious bids, with the highest reaching $386,584.

However she’s hoping to reach the million dollar mark before the auction ends in a few months, revealing she won’t accept anything less.

“I expect to reach £750,000 [$1.3m], she said. “It would be the best thing that could happen to me. Let’s see how it flows.”

At the moment Danielle has a bid of $ 386,584 but is hoping to reach heights of $1.3m. Source: DanielleBreeneVirginityAuction

While the successful bidder will win an intimate liaison with Danielle, the blonde — who has chosen to keep her face partially concealed online to protect her family — says there will be security on hand to ensure there’s no funny business.

The measures Danielle is taking to ensure she has a financially secure future may seem extreme, but she’s not the first woman to have done it.

A woman in Nevada earlier this year took a test to “prove” she’s pure prior to auctioning off her virginity.

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