Shower cleaning hack goes viral for using unexpected item

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A woman’s incredibly simple shower cleaning hack has gone viral online for using a rather unexpected item.

Gozde, from Melbourne, took to a cleaning group on Facebook to share the hack after deciding to try it herself and her reaction said it all.

part of a bathroom shower and tub
Struggling to keep your shower screen clean? Photo: Getty

“OMG,” she wrote.

“So, sprinkle some Jif onto your screens and get a plastic bag, yes you heard that right, wear it like a glove and wash your screens.

“OMGGGG. IT WORKS. It keeps it clean for soooo long! And it is so easy. No scrubbing needed and nothing else to clean it with. TRY IT AND THANK ME LATER.”

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Some people were so surprised by the concept they asked for more details in the comments.

“You can either use the cream or the powder version both work fantastic,” Gozda explained. “Wet the screen first, then use the plastic bag and then rinse. It'll be sparkling.”

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Gozda says it was her Mum who gave her the idea.

“Mum used to clean the shower with old plastic clothes, and that's how it gave me the idea of using a plastic bag, which worked,” she tells us.

Plenty of people seemed keen to try it for themselves.

“I’m definitely trying this,” one person wrote.

“I have never used anything other then jiff to clean my shower. Love it,” another person added.

So we decided to see what all the fuss was about ourselves.

And as you can see, it definitely worked.

shower cleaning hack plastic bag and jif
Plastic bags were in low stock around the house so a sandwich bag stood in. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle
shower cleaning hack before and after
That was a small corner cleaned within 30 seconds, no major scrubbing needed. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

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