Woman shares genius $7 shower cleaning hack

A woman has shared a simple $7 hack to get mould off of your tiles and best of all, there’s no scrubbing needed.

It’s never an easy feat to get mould out of a shower cubicle, especially when it loves to fester in warm, damp conditions.

A woman has found a genius hack for cleaning her shower. Photo: Getty Images

This woman, who posted her findings on a Facebook cleaning group, revealed she’d found the best solution for removing the mould after numerous attempts to find the perfect antidote.

She initially asked for help alongside a picture of her mould-lined grouting.

People suggested using toilet cleaner, as well as re-grouting the tiles in a bid to remove the mould that had gathered around her shower basin.

Eventually, the tip that did work was refreshingly simple.

She soaked cotton wool pads in an everyday toilet bleach and lined them along the grouting, leaving it to soak into the mould over night.

In the morning, the results were pretty impressive.

The asked for help after posting this picture. [Photo: Facebook]
The shower tiles after her hack worked its magic. [Photo: Facebook]

As many cleaning experts will no doubt attest, this isn’t a tip that you can do on a regular basis because it will slowly corrode the grout away from the shower.

However, as a one time tip to get your shower in perfect condition for regular cleaning, it seems to do the trick.

If you’re feeling in the mood for getting that grout off your own shower tiles, the woman used similar products to these:

Words by Caroline Allen

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