The best way to earn Woolworths Everyday Rewards and Coles Flybuys deals

Whether you have a Woolworths Everyday rewards card or a Coles Flybuys card, some shoppers say there are certain tricks to using them to your full advantage, ensuring you get the maximum amount of points and savings.

Shoppers who frequent both Woolworths and Coles have recently shared their secret hacks to maximising their rewards program points in a post on a popular budgeting Facebook page.

After one person asked: “Flybuys / Everyday Rewards Cards- throw all the info at me” on the Budgeting, Food, Savings Ideas, Stockpiling, Life Help Australia Facebook page, her post was flooded with hacks.

Shoppers said both points-based systems offered one point for every $1 spent and $10 for every 2000 points collected. They also said the promotions sent out were based on regularly purchased products. But there were certain tricks to using both loyalty programs successfully.

Everyday Rewards and Flybuys cards.
Shoppers have shared their best hacks for making the most out of Everday Rewards and Flybuys points. Source: Creative Commons

Activate all Rewards and Flybuys offers

When it comes to bagging the best deals using both the Woolworths and Coles loyalty programs, shoppers agreed that the key is to ‘boost’ or ‘activate’ every single offer you are sent - even if you don’t plan on using it. The idea behind this is, the more interest you show in using your card, the more offers you will receive.

“The best way to use Woolies is to boost everything,” one shopper said.

“They send you offers just like the Flybuys app. You just need to boost those offers, as there are both generic ones and ones tailored to the regular items you buy. I did a $230 online shop yesterday and got 3278 points.”

“Activate your offers, but only buy the products if you would usually use, otherwise it's costing you money,” another shared.

Woolworths everyday rewards bonus offers.
Shoppers have said the best way to get the most rewards points is to boost all offers you are sent. Source: Facebook

Bank your Rewards and Flybuys points

Others said they saved hundreds of dollars to spend at Christmas by “automatically” banking their $10 vouchers on Everyday Rewards cards.

“I have all my $10 bonuses set to automatically lock into savings until December,” one shopper shared.

Everyday Rewards members can opt to bank their $10 vouchers, allowing them only to use them between December 1 and December 31.

Flybuys members can also bank their points to use as Flybuys dollars but can be used at any time.

Woolworths store front.
Woolworths shoppers have shared tips on making your Everyday Rewards card work in your favour. Source: Getty Images

Maximising bonus points

Both loyalty programs also offer customers deals to collect bonus points. To be eligible, customers need to spend a certain amount in store over a period of time to secure the points.

“Coles have email deals like spending $130 for 4 weeks as get 10000 ($50) bonus points. I get a few of these a year,” one shopper wrote.

However, some shoppers said the amount of points and how often you are offered these deals depends on how often you shop.

Coles flybuys bonus points.
The spend amounts on the Coles Flybuys bonus offers can differ each time. Source: Facebook

But in another post on the same page, one woman shared her hack for securing double the bonus points and maximising the number of points.

“Have an account for yourself and an account for your partner and you can make $700 shopping these 10,000 point offers,” one shopper suggested.

“I do my main shop on one account and a smaller top-up shop on the other account to get the four week spends on both accounts. If you're smart about it, you can make decent free money through Flybuys.

An elderly female customers stands in front of a Coles store.
Shoppers have been advised to make sure they use their Everyday Rewards and Flybuys cards in every transaction. Source: Getty Images

“The trick is not to spend for the sake of points. Flybuys will push your spend amount up via offers if you spend more. Switching between accounts can help keep your offers low.”

Other shoppers also suggested switching weekly shops between Woolworths and Coles to keep the amount that needs to be spent for these offers low.

Use your loyalty card everywhere it is accepted

Some shoppers shared that one way to secure more points is to find out exactly where you can use the card and get into the habit of using it on every transaction - no matter how small.

“You can attach your [Flybuys] card to eBay if you shop eBay you can use the card at Kmart, Target and loads more companies just look online and always activate offers especially the ones that you shop for double or triple points or offers,” one shopper shared.

When to be careful

Gary Mortimer, a professor of marketing and consumer behaviour, says loyalty programs can be useful for customers, but they should be careful when offered bonus points on promotions that involve signing up for a credit card or changing health insurance policies.

"The only thing customers get tripped up on is when they are offered a credit card that comes with loyalty points or health insurance with loyalty points. They should always carefully look at the fees and conditions," he told Yahoo News Australia.

While these may offer bonus points, you may not necessarily be better off. He suggests always reading the finer details first and always comparing to other providers or what you already have.

"They may look great, but when you read the fees and the conditions and the minimum spends that's when people can often get tripped up," he said.

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