Autocorrect fail leads to shocking dog groomer blunder: 'I'm in stitches'

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Poor Dexter the dog got a lot more than a wash and a blow-dry on his last visit to the groomers.

The handsome beagle was abruptly pronounced dead by his groomer in a text message to his owners which no doubt sent them into a spin.

Dog groomer texts owner that dog is 'dead' in autocorrect fail. Photo: Reddit.
Dog groomer texts owner that dog is 'dead' in autocorrect fail. Photo: Reddit.

But, as explained in a post on Reddit, Dexter was in fact alive and well, with the premature death announcement the result of an unfortunate autocorrect fail on the groomer's part.

A screenshot of the texts was shared by an employee at the UK pet salon, who remarked, "Startlingly matter of fact message from the groomer".

"Hi Dexter is dead," read the first text at 10:10 am.


A minute later, the groomer clearly recognised their error and quickly clarified; "Hi dexter is ready now!! Sorry stupid auto correct."

The groomer then sent a photo of the pooch obediently waiting to be picked up by his owners.

"He's had a great time x," the groomer assured.

Reddit users saw the funny side of the macabre mixup, with many taking to the comments to share their hilarious reactions.

"Dexter looks remarkably well considering the circumstances," joked one.

"It's amazing what taxidermy can do," quipped another in reply.

"Your dog is dead... tired after the wonderful day he's had!" added a third.

Others admitted to feeling a bit guilty about having a chuckle at something so dark.

"I literally can’t stop laughing, why is this SO funny?" one asked.

"God this is so comical. I'm in stitches. Something about the blunt message, and the picture proving that the dog is not in fact dead has set me off. Brilliant," remarked another.

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