Shock twist as rumours emerge 'dead' Bride and Prejudice star is alive

Mystery surrounds the alleged death of Bride and Prejudice's Dannii Erskine.

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Following rumours an Aussie reality star died in a horrific car crash, new reports have suggested she is still alive.

Bride and Prejudice Australia star Dannii Erskine was said to have allegedly "died" in a "horrible tragedy", with someone claiming to be her sister Dee telling So Dramatic! she was "T-boned" by another driver while driving on April 28.

Bride and Prejudice Dannii Erskine
Following reports a Bride and Prejudice died in a horrific car crash, it's been reported she is actually alive. Instagram/dannii_erskine

Dee told the podcast her sister's skull was crushed "upon impact with the airbag".

"It was a horrible tragedy," she said.

Dannii's Instagram account also featured a post that read: "Rest in peace Dannii Erskine 1995-2023."

"We appreciate and respect wishes we have received as a family," the caption read, adding her death was an "awful accident".

"Thank you for your support and respect."


However, an anonymous source and a police statement have seemingly confirmed Dannii is still alive.

"She is alive," an anonymous source tells

A statement by Victoria Police said: "We can’t comment on any individuals due to privacy legislation but I can confirm we have no fatal or life-threatening collisions recorded in the North Melbourne area in the past month."

A spokesperson for the Coroner's Court of Victoria told the publication: "The Court does not have a record of the death of Dannii Erskine."

Dannii Erskine ex-fiancé Denton Ansley
Dannii's ex-partner Denton Ansley claiming in 2021 he woke up to a "mass message" from Dannii's account saying she had passed away. Photo: Seven

It's not the first time Dannii has been reported to have died, with her ex-partner Denton Ansley claiming in 2021 he woke up to a "mass message" from Dannii's account saying she had passed away.

"And then, like, a day or two later it came out that she was like, ‘oh no, I got hacked, it didn’t actually happen and obviously I’m still alive’," he told So Dramatic.

"It wasn’t reported last time, obviously, but this time I thought, okay, maybe there is some truth behind it, because ... I can’t tell you if it’s true or not (this time) because I don’t know. But it just doesn’t add up - there’s quite a few things just don’t add up."

"It just doesn’t make sense to me."

Denton also shared that he and others received details of a funeral service to be held on May 16, but when they called the funeral company, they were told there was no funeral scheduled under her name.

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