Totally sheer wedding dress sparks major bride debate

Weddings are funny things – in a world that likes to buck traditions in almost every way, when it comes to weddings we cling onto them like a life raft off a sinking ship.

It’s no surprise then that wedding dresses that forgo old fashioned trends tend to spark backlash from wedding enthusiasts, whether they are deemed too revealing, too modern or simply not bridal enough.

the Melody bodice and Diana skirt from Bowie Rae sparks debate
This very modern gown has sparked a conversation around brides, and what they choose to wear on their big day. Photo: Instagram/ thedresstribe

One dress that’s currently causing a stir is a top and skirt number from Aussie fashion label Bowie Rae, shared by dress directory The Dress Tribe.

The Melody bodice paired with the Diana skirt makes for a dreamy bridal look, but it was the completely sheer bodice that left the bride’s nipples exposed that really got people talking about whether we have any right to tell a bride how much, or how little, she should wear on her wedding day.


Shared in an Instagram reel video by The Dress Tribe, the reaction to the dress seemed to hint that envelope-pushing number is something brides everywhere are ready to embrace.

“So stunning,” one woman gushed.

“Just gorgeous!” another agreed.

Sheer detail sparks some criticism

Others still couldn’t look past the sheerness of the gown, however.

“Beautiful, except you can see her nips,” one user wrote.

“I mean it’s pretty but why are her nipples showing?” another asked.

The Dress Tribe Bowie Rae dress see-through debate
The see-through bodice had some unconvinced by the floaty number. Photo: Instagram/ thedresstribe

In response, The Dress Tribe responded with a very passionate defence of the fashion-forward look.

“Why not?!” they countered. “We all have nipples #freethenipple!”

The bold defence was liked by several people, but for one woman, fear of a negative reaction from her gathered nearest and dearest proved too much.

“My grandparents would have a heart attack,” she wrote, conceding the dress would look pretty with an underlay.

It’s far from the first time a very modern gown caused a stir, with a similarly sheer bodice on a different dress also sparking outrage from online commentators last year.

At the time, one designer well and truly ditched tradition by decking a bride out in a floaty, romantic gown that featured a completely sheer bodice.

Shared to a wedding shaming Facebook group, the dress attracted criticism from almost everyone gathered, though some brave souls also defended the bride’s right to wear whatever she liked for her big day.

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