Shannon Noll 'definitely' wants to be a part of Australian Idol reboot

It’s been almost 20 years since Shannon Noll came second on the inaugural season of Australian Idol, and now he wants to appear in the Channel Seven reboot next year.

Shannon, who was the runner-up to Guy Sebastian in 2003, is one of the most successful contestants to come out of the show after releasing five top ten albums, selling over 1.3 million album and single sales, and receiving six ARIA nominations.

Shannon Noll.
Shannon Noll shares his honest thoughts on Channel Seven’s upcoming Australian Idol reboot. Photo: Getty

Chatting with Yahoo Lifestyle about the upcoming Idol revival, Shannon says he would “most definitely” love to appear on the show as a judge or a mentor.

“I think I could offer a lot to the contestants going through it, obviously going through it firsthand myself,” he says.

“It is a whole different kettle of fish, Idol, it's a very pressurised situation. I think there’s intentional pressure put on you to see how you handle it because that's sort of what the job entails down the track in the industry. So there's a lot to it and they put you under pressure a lot and see how you handle it.”


The Lift hitmaker went on to say that he has plenty of helpful advice he could give the contestants because he knows “just how that process goes”.

“Like, get some rest and that sort of thing because you don’t sleep much once you're in the house for 12 weeks,” he adds with a laugh.

“I think it's great the show’s back and definitely, if it comes up that there’s a role for me somewhere, I’ll look at it for sure. I’d enjoy it. I'm just looking forward to seeing what they unearth.”

Shannon Noll and Guy Sebastian on Australian Idol in 2003.
‘I think it's great the show’s back and definitely, if it comes up that there’s a role for me somewhere, I’ll look at it for sure.’ Photo: Getty

‘I'm very connected to the show’

Shannon isn’t the only season one contestant who would love to return to Australian Idol for the show’s reboot, with Paulini recently telling Yahoo Lifestyle that she's also vying for a spot on the judging panel.

The powerhouse vocalist has had a successful career in both the recording industry and musical theatre scene since coming fourth place in season one and has made recent appearances on The Masked Singer, I’m A Celebrity and Eurovision - Australia Decides.

“I would love to be a judge on Australian Idol,” she told us in February.

“I feel like I'm very connected to the show, not because I was in it, but because that was the start and really set me up and now I'm singing full time. I have become an artist in my own right and I love that Australian Idol gave me that opportunity, it really did give me the stage to showcase my talent.

“And everyone else from my season, there’s been a lot of us that are still around and I'm so proud of that, I really am.”

Australian Idol is set to return to screens in 2023, with former judge Kyle Sandilands recently confirming that he will be on the judging panel.

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