Waiters Are Sharing Both The Nicest And Nastiest Notes Left By Customers, And I Can't Believe Some Of These Are Real

Recently, I asked the servers of the BuzzFeed Community to share the most random, obnoxious, or even heartwarming notes they've received from customers. Even as a former waiter myself, I couldn't believe some of the things people said!! Here are 10 of their responses.

1."I worked at the small restaurant that my family owned. We had a customer who used to come for breakfast after church. He used to HAVE to have something to complain about. This time, there was absolutely no way he could complain about anything. I made sure of it. Or so I thought! He flags me over and says, 'Excuse me, I'm sorry, but last time I was here, the owner told me they would be putting in new carpet and they haven't.' 🤯🤯🤯 I took great pleasure in telling him we would obviously not be able to satisfy his requirements and to kindly find somewhere else to eat!"


2."I got one when I worked in a spar shop that said 'nice tits.'"


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3."'I shouldn't have to ask for water twice.' I was slammed on Friday night with a group of 15 18–20-year-olds."


4."In Canada, receipts aren't used and returned by the customers, but I did have someone pay cash and give me their receipt and a handwritten note that said he would be in town for the night and, if I was interested, to text him. He was extremely creepy, and I was his server, so I don't know why he didn't say anything to me. To clarify, I never texted him, LOL."


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5."I have asthma and started coughing badly at Applebee's. The server noticed, and instead of getting help, he bused the table and told me not to die because it was his last night of working there. I'm a former server and hostess with extensive customer service experience and usually tip well. If I like you, I'll even ask for your section. On this particular evening, I was stunned, didn't leave a tip, and wrote on the receipt that when he sees someone in my situation again, he should get help and not make jokes. Because of his joke, I contacted the general manager, who gave me a $50 gift card. When I got home, I was coughing bits of blood. Turns out it was viral bronchitis."


6."I work at a restaurant in Capitola, near Santa Cruz, California. One day, we were really busy, and I finally had a chance to look at my receipts and input the tips into the computer. On one receipt, someone wrote, 'Vote for Trump and keep your tips!' I sighed and then looked at the cash tip they left me. They actually undertipped me after going through the trouble of throwing their political views at me, a minimum wage server."


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Some also shared nice notes, like:

7."I get told I'm amazing at work on a daily basis."


8."I was working as a server and was having a bad day, but trying to be nice and make an effort. A family came in with three young kids. They were friendly. I took their orders, got them their food, etc., and appreciated how they made sure their kids weren't too messy. It happened to be an eat-free day for kids. They were happy about that and hadn't expected to get three free meals, and I was glad to have such a nice table of people. I wasn't expecting a big tip or anything since they were a young family with three kids to feed, etc. But when they'd left, I found they'd tipped me $40 in cash when their meal had been under $20."

"On the back of the check, they'd written a really nice note about how you're never alone, even if you're having a bad day, things will get better, Jesus loves you, etc., which made my day because they cared enough to be able to tell I was having a bad day and to make sure I knew I wasn't alone even though they had never met me before."


9."I worked at a restaurant where if you had a party of five or more, you were required to have two servers on the table, which means splitting the tip. I had a very large party (like 20) and was paired with the laziest server in the place, which I was obviously frustrated by. Of course, I am busting my ass and basically doing everything myself, trying to make sure they are having the best time because it's a 13-year-old girl's birthday party. After I brought out the cake, sang, poured the coffee, and everything was winding down, I was pulled aside by the girl's father. He asked how the tip was divided, and I told him 50/50. He shook his head, opened his wallet and handed me $300 while praising me for my hard work."

"On the receipt, he left $10 and a note that said, 'Fire him and promote her.' Not only did the tip help me out with some late bills, but his appreciation is something I still think about nine years later."


10."When I worked at Chick-fil-A, I had the early 6-a.m. shift every day and the same regulars every day for 11 months. I like to say I was a morning person and was relatively chipper in the mornings. I had decided to pursue an opportunity to do missions overseas. I had mentioned I was leaving and why I was leaving to my favorite customers 'cause I knew I would miss their faces every day. On my last day, each one of my favorite customers showed up, some with their families to introduce me to them (I cry thinking about this again), and they gave heartfelt cards with their phone numbers and some even donated money to me to pursue missions. I never asked them for anything. I will never forget how loved I felt."


Has a customer ever left you a nice or negative note at work? Tell me in the comments below.