"If You Do This, You Don’t Need To Wipe:" 13 Gross "Bodily Function" Tips That Every Person On The Planet Should Know

When it comes to advice, sometimes the "grossest" tips can be the most beneficial. So when Reddit user u/MarbleMimic asked, "What disgusting advice ended up being actually helpful?" many people had their own opinions on the matter. Here's what they had to say below.

1."Visually check your bowel movements after you have them for any changes."

A toilet with an open lid next to a wall-mounted toilet paper holder in a bathroom

2."Someone told me at summer camp that his brother got food poisoning one time and was throwing up and having diarrhea at the same time. He mentioned he should have sat on the toilet and puked in the trash can. Fast-forward 30 years, and I ate gas station cole slaw, and this tip saved my bathroom decor."


3."If you see someone have a motorcycle accident, and you are the first responder, do not remove their helmet. Plenty have had their neck injuries exacerbated by untrained people yanking on the helmet to pull it off. Let the paramedics arrive and let them handle it. Unless you are trained in first aid, you are more likely to hurt them."

Motorcyclist riding on a curvy mountain road with arrow signs

4."Always close the toilet seat lid before you flush."


5."Always close your mouth when doing a diaper change on a baby."

Adult hands changing a baby's diaper, baby lying down looking up

6."Use your own spit to get blood stains fully out. The enzymes from your own saliva will break down your own blood."


"It works! My husband thought I was nuts for telling him to spit on a bloodstain on his shirt. He skeptically tried it and was like, 'Holy shit, that worked!' I was dying laughing at his reaction to me saying, 'Spit on it. Yes. Just spit on it! Try it!' Even more hilarious, I had no idea if it would actually work; I’d only read about it. But it did work, and really well. It just sounded wild!"


7."This shouldn't be disgusting, but many people aren't comfortable with it: Installing a bidet is a game changer."

Modern bidet toilet with control panel at a home's bathroom

8."One time at a bus stop, an old man told me that if I get hair in my mouth while eating out a woman, I can get it out of the mouth by licking the inside of her thigh. The advice was completely unsolicited, and I had no idea who this man was and haven't seen him since, but it does work."


9."If you frequently get skid marks in your underwear, it's probably less to do with your butt-wiping abilities and more to do with your diet of junk food. That stuff glides out of you like greased lightning."

Rear view of man wearing baggy white briefs

10."Sucking snot out of baby’s nose makes things better for all involved. Baby sleeps better, and mom sleeps better. The little tube contraptions to do it seemed gross as hell at first, but you get used to it, and the results are worth it."


"Before I remembered the little suction tube existed, I had the visual of someone putting their mouth over a baby's nostrils and slurping snot out of their nose.

I fucking gagged."


11."If you have to throw up but need to get to the toilet in time, start to hum loudly. You can't throw up while you're humming. You have to hurry, though. It saves only a few seconds."

Woman looking unwell leaning on an open toilet seat

12."Not 'disgusting' per se, but toilet-related. Get a Squatty Potty or toilet stool, and correct your 'pooping posture.' It literally has made a world of difference to me. It's so much easier and more comfortable."


13.And finally, "I remember watching Girl Code on MTV years and years ago, and they said to flush your poop as it comes out if you don’t want it to stink in a public restroom. It works."

A public restroom with multiple stalls, tiled walls, and a row of doors, one open
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