Scott Cam blows up at The Block contestant for ignoring the rules

Kristine Tarbert
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Scott Cam wasn't happy with Jesse on The Block. Photo: Channel Nine

He’s the normally composed and ever-chirpy host of The Block, but Scott Cam lost it at one of the contestants during Wednesday night’s episode, when they tried to ignore the rules.

The heated spat between Scott and Jesse Raeburn came after the real estate agent clashed with foremen Keith and Dan about a floor waste system in his bathroom, telling them “we’re not doing it”.

Jesse and partner Mel had just claimed their first win, taking out a huge prize for their guest bedroom reveal, but they weren’t happy to change their plans despite being told it was necessary - and part of the rules.

“What's this idea that you decided to make your own rules up?” Scott asked Jesse, when he visited their house with Shelly Craft.

Jesse clapped back saying he thought the second floor was “over the top”, because regulations in Victoria didn’t require it, but Scott wasn’t having a bar of it.

“You have to follow The Block standards. Keith and Dan told you that every wet area is having a floor waste and now you're turning around and telling me ‘I'm not going to do it?’,” he hit out.

“Let's not get ahead of ourselves, you've won, that's fantastic, but let's not try and take over. Play the game and pull your head in.”

Jesse didn't want to add the floor waste. Photo: Channel Nine

Despite being told what he had to do, Jesse was clearly not happy with the result, slamming the request in a piece-to-camera with producers.

“If Keith says jump, I will not be replying with, ‘How high?’” he said.

Jesse told cameras his attitude wouldn't change. Photo: Channel Nine

It wasn’t the best day for Jesse on The Block. Later on in the same episode he got called up for starting to rip up the bathroom floor without doing the proper safety checks first.

He failed to have an exclusion zone and scaffolding below the floor to prevent workers walking underneath on the level below.

He was made to sit through another safety course on site, but didn’t seem to have learned his lesson.

“My attitude will not change,” he said.

The Block continues on Channel Nine on Sunday.

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