The Block contestants admit they 'hate' their room after reveal

Kristine Tarbert
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Tess and Luke weren't happy with their first room. Photo: Channel Nine

It was the biggest week-one challenge ever set on The Block, and even host Scott Cam admitted it may have gone too far, with just two couples able to complete their bedrooms in the four days they had before the first room reveals.

And one couple was so disappointed with the final result they just managed to scrap together, the word ‘hate’ was thrown around when they were asked what they think of their first room.

Cairns newlyweds Tess and Luke were one of three couples on Tuesday night’s episode unable to paint their rooms before having to style them for the judges.

Not much to like

In a piece-to-camera prior to the judging, the pair were asked by producers how they would describe their room “if you were on the phone to your mum”?

“I wouldn’t tell her,” Tess says bluntly.

Luke tries to look on the bright side by describing their “cute little hallway”, “plant and table” and hoping the judges would see what sort of style they were going for.

“Comfy bed through,” he adds, before Tess concludes: “That’s about it. Hate it”.

Tess said she 'hates' the room. Photo: Channel Nine

First bedroom judging

Luckily, despite the difficult week, the judges seemed to enjoy the couple’s room, and what it could potentially look like when finished.

Darren Palmer said he liked their colour palette, art and layout, getting a “young vibe” from the room, but Shaynna was “underwhelmed”, adding she wanted to see more personality.

They weren't able to paint their room. Photo: Channel Nine

She also pointed out the couple had mixed too many design styles – modern shaker cupboards, a provincial style mantel, an Edwardian ceiling rose, and cornices that could be federation or art deco.

But Neale stood up for the couple saying he was able to visualise the completed room and was excited to see what the couple could do.

Tess and Luke missed honeymoon for The Block

Cairns couple, 30-year-old Luke Struber and 28-year-old Tess Cattana, had been applying to appear on The Block for the past four years before they were finally picked to appear on this year’s renovation reality show.

It came as such a surprise to the duo they ended up spending their honeymoon on the show, after tying the knot just before filming began.

The final rooms will be revealed in tonight’s episode as well as the winner of the guest bedroom challenge.

The Block airs at 7pm on Channel Nine.

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