Scorpio Daily Horoscope – 03 April 2024

Putting energy into creative projects, hobbies, loved ones or your kids may lead to frustrations, yet see where things are going swimmingly, Scorpio. You’re in an ideal window to reset the agenda where health, work and wellness are concerned. Focus on what you can do, with practical ideas that are well-founded. Sense systems, initiatives and plans that seem aligned to act on – even at a later date. Your body, diet, exercise regime or some other routine is important. Accept where you’re at and the people sent to make you smile, relationships are the key to your happiness.
PS We’re moving into eclipse season, so it’s a peak manifesting period! If you want to get ready to make wishes that will actually work at the time of the April 8 New Moon eclipse, sign up for my free, 30 minute web class here!

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