Scorpio Daily Horoscope – 02 July 2024

Are you ambitious? Will you admit to it out loud? Somehow admitting to being ambitious seems only one step down from saying you’re ruthless – but it’s not true. Some people just have big ambitions. And sadly, being that type sometimes gets bad press. But unless you’re indeed ruthless and totally hell-bent on clambering over others to get to the top, it’s actually a healthy fulfillment of our potential, to aim high and work at a high level It’s definitely time to turn your mind to your career and ambitions now – where you’re going, where you want to go and what you want to do once you get there. If you’ve got a job interview coming up, you should be able to prepare yourself excellently, and sail through it (just do the preparation with serious intent). If you’re in a job you want to go further with, now is the time to be formulating your plans. Many of you will find yourself working longer and later over the next few weeks but your efforts will be worth it. Don’t get bogged down in paperwork and procedures. If you need to speak to someone about your next career move, it’s a great time to book your appointment to have the chat. If you want to study to improve your work skills, it’s as an ideal time to be either booking yourself in for the course or starting it.
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