Scientists have discovered a way to manufacture meat

Leah Cohen

How do you feel about lab manufactured meat?

What if we told you it was environmentally sustainable, made from real meat cells and tastes, smells and looks just like the read deal?

Meatballs made from lab manufactured beef. Photo: YouTube

Well, an American company called Memphis Meats has made a scientific breakthrough growing meat from real meat cells with oxygen, sugar and minerals that can be harvested in nine to 21 days.

"It is sustainable as well as cruelty free," cardiologist and co-founder of Memphis Meats Uma Valeti told Press Trust of India News.

The contamination-free meat made using a new and safe technique, uses 90 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions than the current meat industry and can help stop large scale killing of animals.

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"I grew up in a meat eating family. From the very young age, I always thought, why do we eat the meat the way we do," Valeti said.

Hoping to go global in a few years, Memphis Meats' new project doesn’t carry health side effects like bacterial contamination, or contain high saturated fat like regular meat.

Memphis Meats made the beef using real meat cells, oxygen, sugar and nutrients. Photo: YouTube

"We are growing meat which is safer, healthier, more sustainable," Valeti said.

With beef already tried and tested (as seen in the video made into meatballs), they are also working to manufacture other popular meat items like pork and chicken.

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"Our goal is to be in restaurants in three years and retail in five years. In 2021, we want to be in retail or even earlier," Valeti said.

Would you buy environmentally safe and healthy kill-free meat?

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