SAS Australia’s Jett Kenny on huge physical toll: 'Couldn't lift them'

After handing in his armband on Monday night's episode, SAS Australia star Jett Kenny has revealed the huge toll the gruelling military-style program took on him physically.

The 27-year-old ironman told HIT Queensland’s Breakfast with Cliffo & Gabi on Tuesday morning that the intense conditions had a lasting impact on his 6ft 1" frame.

Jett Kenny takes a shirtless selfie in the bathroom
Jett Kenny has revealed the huge physical toll of SAS Australia. Photo: Instagram/jettkenny.

"My body was a bit sore throughout the end of the days that I was there [on the show] but for the next month after the show, I struggled to get my shoulders above my head," he said.

But, after some physio, rehab and massage therapy, the former Dancing With The Stars contestant was back in business.

"My body's all good now and yeah, if I had the opportunity to do it all again I definitely would," he added.

Jett, a professional surf lifesaver and model, opened up about how being a 'fussy eater' had contributed to his decision to quit the program.

"I always knew I'd struggle with the food, I'm a fussy eater... I got to the point where it almost made me vomit and couldn't afford to vomit what I had had the night before."

By the following morning, he was so hungry and low on energy that he 'mentally switched off' which prompted him to throw in the towel.


Jett Kenny on SAS Australia 2021. Photo: Channel 7.
Jett Kenny said his fussy eating habits contributed to his decision to quit SAS Australia. Photo: Channel 7.

Jett admitted that just five minutes after leaving SAS Australia he had scoffed a hot chocolate and two Tim Tams and was back to feeling fit and ready to go again.

Over on his Instagram account, Jett revealed he'd lost 8kg while on the reality TV show which puts celebrities through their paces on a special forces-inspired selection process.

"Starting at 93kgs, down to 85kgs in my time there. If you’re looking for a weight loss program, look no further than @sasaustralia," he joked.

Earlier in the week, Jett surprised his social media fans by shaving the impressive beard he'd been sporting during his time on SAS.

Before and after Jett Kenny shaved off his beard.
Jett surprised fans by shaving the impressive beard he'd been sporting on SAS. Photos: Instagram/jettkenny

'Dark clouds and storms'

Also during his chat with Cliffo & Gabi, Jett spoke about his sister Jaimi whose mental health battle claimed her life in September last year at the age of 33.

"There's probably more people than you think who do struggle or know someone who struggles with mental health, but it's behind closed doors.

"I know that was the same for our family [...] even when Jamie was out in public or whatever it was all sunshine and rainbows but with that comes the dark clouds and the storms."

Jett's comments come shortly after he made an emotional confession on SAS Australia this week about his late sister.

Jett Kenny crying on SAS.
Jett got emotional when speaking about Jaimi on SAS. Photo: Channel Seven

The athlete admitted to his fellow recruits that he 'never fully understood' what she was going through as he himself had never experienced mental illness.

"We did everything we could as a family and for Jaimi to try bring her out of it but unfortunately that wasn’t the case," he said.

"To me, it was like, you have the willpower to change your life and turn things around. But that’s me. I can’t speak for someone who’s going through mental health issues because I’ve never been there.

"Everyone has to do the best they can for the people that they love, but when you can’t it makes you question yourself. Like, ‘Was I a good enough brother?’"

Mental health support for yourself or a loved one can be found by calling Lifeline on 13 11 14, Mensline on 1300 789 978, or the Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800.

Online support is available via Beyond Blue.

Additional reporting by Lachlan Guertin.

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