'So disappointed': SAS Australia's Ali cops Melbourne Cup heat

Former Bachelorette turned SAS Australia star Ali Oetjen may be known for her ‘love and light’ approach to health, fitness and natural living but the wellness coach got fans offside today with a trackside appearance to watch the Melbourne Cup.

The annual horse racing event may be called the ‘race that stops a nation’ but these days it could more aptly be called the ‘race that divides a nation’ with a line in the sand being drawn between those who say ‘nup to the cup’ and those that ‘frock and roll’ down to the racecourse.

Ali Oetjen Melbourne Cup controversy 'horse lover' called hypocritical
Self-professed 'horse lover' Ali had some fans confused with her Melbourne Cup appearance. Photo: Instagram/alioetjen

Many fans were surprised to see Ali getting glammed up and stepping out with SAS Australia co-star Shayna Jack for a Cup celebration, given her pro-nature posts and self-professed love of horses and animals of all kinds.

The SAS duo appeared at Brisbane’s Doomben Racecourse where Queensland racing enthusiasts gathered to watch Twilight Payment win the race at Flemington Racecourse this afternoon.

Ali Oetjen and Shayna Jack at Melbourne Cup event 2020 under fire controversy fans 'nup to the cup'
Ali and Shayna posed trackside at the Doomben Racecourse, to some fans' horror. Photo: Instagram/alioetjen

A snap of the star decked out in a very chic suit jacket dress, with a matching broad-brimmed hat in black, had many fans gushing over the fashion, but others were left seeing red, and Shayna’s off the shoulder cocktail dress wasn’t the culprit.

“SAS tough warriors can dress up!” Ali captioned the snap, to some fans’ chagrin.

Fans slam support of ‘cruel’ sport

Photo: Instagram/alioetjen
Photo: Instagram/alioetjen

“I’ve been loving Ali on the show but now I’ve seen this I don’t, and I’ll be unfollowing,” was one brutal response. “I can’t believe people support such cruelty.”

“There’s nothing “tough” about supporting horse racing,” an unimpressed follower wrote.

“I thought you liked horses?” another wrote. “How can you support horse racing??”


“It does seem a tad contradictory to tag images with "#naturelover" and then head to the race track,”: was another pointy observation. “Just saying.”

”Totally agree,” another fan responded. “Nothing "love and light" about animal abuse. Hopefully next year she will make a stand. Time to end this barbaric form of entertainment.”

“#nuptothecup so disappointed,” another wrote.

Photo: Instagram/alioetjen
Photo: Instagram/alioetjen

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted Ali for comment.

It wasn’t all negative, however, with most fans taking the time to praise the two contestants’ fashionable looks.

“You both look amazing!” one wrote. “Have the best time.”

“Stunning ladies,” another wrote.

“Looking fierce,” another wrote.

This year the Melbourne Cup was rocked after one of the pre-race favourites had to be put down in a horrific aftermath to the race.

Anthony Van Dyck went into the Melbourne Cup as the top-rated horse in the field but things took a grim turn in the final few hundred metres after the horse sustained a fracture to his fetlock and had to be humanely euthanised.

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