People Have A Lot Of Feelings About Sarah Jessica Parker's Weird Diaper Hat

Sarah Jessica Parker is no stranger to a funky hat.

Sarah Jessica Parker waves, wearing a detailed green and yellow headpiece with a butterfly, and a green strapless dress at a public event
Shaun Curry / AFP via Getty Images

The Sex and the City actor is known to wear a weird hat from time to time, and now one in particular is going viral.

Sarah Jessica Parker wears a stylish outfit featuring a floral jacket, beige hat with a red accent, beige dress, and a blue purse while walking in an urban setting
James Devaney / GC Images / Getty Images

SJP was spotted wearing this Strawberry Shortcake-inspired hat while filming season three of And Just Like That:

Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a tiered, long-sleeved dress, and a large hat, holds a beverage outside in a park setting. People walk and cycle in the background
Jose Perez / GC Images / Getty Images

Here's a closer up shot:

Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a large checkered hat, a stylish long-sleeved dress, and holding a cup of frozen yogurt. Another person is in the background
Gotham / GC Images / Getty Images

And here's the back:

Sarah Jessica Parker and Nicole Ari Parker sit on "And Just Like That" set chairs, facing away
Jose Perez / GC Images / Getty Images

She posted a picture of the hat on Instagram and people are, well, going off.

The consesus is "What the?"

The image is a comment by carladawn saying: "Come on now... that hat is ?." The comment has 16 hours timestamp, 7 likes, and one reply
@sarahjessicaparker/Instagram: @sarahjessicaparker

One person compared it to to a diaper bag.

chelseaeben commented, "Wearing a diaper bag as a hat, clever!" 1 day ago. 35 likes, 1 reply
@sarahjessicaparker/Instagram: @sarahjessicaparker

Another compared it to a pot lid.

A comment from user aryanazy with 13 likes that reads: "What is with the hat?? My grandma used to use those on her pot lid to make rice" followed by three laughing emojis
@sarahjessicaparker/Instagram: @sarahjessicaparker

And this person said it looks like a balled up picnic blanket.

Instagram comment by patriciajh5: "Love the Scholl's, but that hat looks like a balled up picnic blanket!?" with 130 likes and a laughing emoji
@sarahjessicaparker/Instagram: @sarahjessicaparker

Personally, IDK why y'all are surprised. It checks out with Carrie Bradshaw.

Sarah Jessica Parker sits on a park bench, wearing a large, wide-brimmed hat, a patterned long dress, and sandals. She poses with one leg up, holding a handbag
James Devaney / GC Images / Getty Images

Curious your thoughts, feelings, concerns?

Instagram comment by lili.lola.and.emma stating, "The hat is a no no" with a thumbs down emoji, posted 1 day ago with 775 likes
@sarahjessicaparker/Instagram: @sarahjessicaparker