The surprising sign your partner could be cheating on you

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

Former high class escort Samantha X has revealed a surprising sign to look out for if you think your partner might be cheating. 

Samantha, who used to charge her clients $1,100 per-hour, opened up to's Not Here To Make Friends podcast about spotting a cheater and stopping them in their tracks. 

Samantha X has revealed a subtle sign to look out for if you think your partner might be cheating. Photo: Getty Images

Interestingly, she said if your other half comes home with wet hair and has no excuse, it could be a major giveaway that they’ve showered somewhere else. 

Samantha also said that despite coronavirus lockdown restrictions meaning everyone is spending a lot more time at home, that hasn’t stopped the cheating business from booming. 

"Men still cheat in lockdown, absolutely. They will find a way. It doesn't matter how busy or if he's always at work, they find a way," she said.

"You make it (affairs) happen, even if it's just 10 minutes on the way home."

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle back in her escorting days, Samantha said she always told women not to blame themselves for their partner straying in a relationship.

Samantha X previously called herself an “overpaid psychologist”. Photo: Instagram/Samantha X

When it comes to what men wanted when they came to see her, she revealed it’s far tamer than you probably think and the majority of her time was spent talking to her clients, even comparing herself to an “overpaid psychologist”.

“They think they want sex, they think that’s why they’re booking you but nine times out of ten, the appointment becomes a phycology session,” she said at the time.

“When women come to me and say they want to do this because they love sex, I say: ‘forget about sex, because your not necessarily going to have sex a lot as an escort’. It’s mostly about talking, it’s mostly about connecting, it’s mostly about listening.

“Most men prefer the casual look. Very rarely do they want stockings suspenders high heels, they basically want you to blend in.”

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