Sam Wood's unrecognisable new look after lockdown chop

The Bachelor star Sam Wood has proven even celebrities can get it serious long when it comes to style, especially when in the grips of stage-four restrictions.

The dad-of-two is currently riding out Victoria’s stage four coronavirus restrictions with wife Snezana in the couple’s Melbourne home, where the extreme circumstances drove him to commit a heinous crime of fashion this week.

A haircut from wife Snezana has left Sam Wood the victim of a heinous crime of fashion. Photo: Instagram/ samjameswood
A haircut from wife Snezana has left Sam Wood unrecognisable. Photo: Instagram/ samjameswood

The 34-year-old has been wearing his salt and pepper locks longer and longer as the lockdown stretches into months, and this week decided to tidy up his unruly hairdo with some help from his wife.

Taking to Instagram to share the results of the ill-fated mission, the former Bachelor revealed a very... blunt new look.

Sam Wood drastic coronavirus haircut blunt bob
Sam Wood is showing off a very drastic chop. Photo: Instagram/ samjameswood

The former trailing tresses have been lopped into a bob that sits right on the fitness guru’s ear-line, with a structure blunt line creating a very distinct silhouette.


Fans spot hairdo doppelgangers

The Oompa Loompa's from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory compared to Sam Wood after bad haircut
Fans couldn't help but see a touch of the Oompa Loompa in Sam's new 'do. Photo: Paramount

The dreadful hairdo is receiving some unflattering comparisons from gobsmacked fans, who can’t stop spotting similarities.

Many couldn’t see past what can only be described as a Doopity-’Do, comparing the reality star to the most iconic force in the world of Willy Wonka.

“Weren’t they the haircuts of the Oompa Loompas in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?one asked.

“Lord Farquaad vibes!” another said, referring to the iconic Shrek villain.

 Lord Farquaad from Shrek comparison Bachelor's Sam Wood's bad coronavirus haircut
Sam and Lord Farquaad are dead ringers these days according to one fan of the two. Photo: Dreamworks

“Need a tunic and mandolin,” said another who was getting strong medieval minstrel vibes.

“Nicolaus Copernicus,” said one person.

Nicolaus Copernicus compared to SamWood's new haircut
Some saw a lot of the astronomer and mathamatician Nicolaus Copernicus in the Bachelor's new 'do. Photo: Getty Images

Another saw the haircut as a beautiful metaphor.

“If 2020 was a haircut, this is it,” they stated.

He also attracted some very high-profile doppelganger claims, one person compared the reality star to Nicolaus Copernicus while another said he was reminding him of Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth haircut compared to Sam Wood coronavirus lockdown bad haircut
Some even argued that the reality star looked like The Queen. Photo: Getty Images

As for Sam, he just introduced himself as his new alter-ego, ‘Bob’.

“Hi, my name is Bob,” he captioned the snap. “I let my wife give me a Covid cut. Oopsy.”

He’s not the first to fall afoul of the dreaded COVID cut, with Yahoo Lifestyle delving into the remedy for a bad lockdown decision with RAW’s Anthony Nader recently.

Prince Frederick of Denmark also had a rather unruly mop of hair by the time the European nation’s lockdown ended, though with the help of a professional he avoided Sam’s error entirely.

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