Sam Wood: Eating fat will actually make you lose weight

Sam Wood: Eating fat will actually make you lose weight. Photo: Instagram/Sam Wood

Even though keto has been an awakening for many, in my opinion it is still too extreme. We simply need carbohydrates.

We now know that eating healthy fats is good and of course, quality protein combined with an abundance of vegetables.

This is the food philosophy that my incredibly successful 28 program has been built on.

So when we look at fats, how do we know if they’re good or bad and where can we find them.

Saturated Fat

Good or bad?
They had a pretty bad rep during the low-fat era but when they come from the right sources, are eaten in moderation and with an assortment of plant-based foods they can have a positive effect on our health.

Where can you find them?
Dairy such as full-fat milk, butter, cream
Meat – such as fatty cuts of beef, pork and lamb.
Coconut and coconut products
Avoid saturated fats that come from processed biscuits, cakes and pastries.

Omega 3’s

Good or bad?
Great! Omega 3’s are good for your heart health, brain function and for healthy and glowing skin.

Where can you find them?
Oily fish, flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, soy

Trans Fats

Good or bad?
BAD. Trans fats raise your LDL blood cholesterol levels and can increase your risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Where can you find them?
Deep fried food, baked goods and store bought pastries.

Inflammatory Omega 6 Acids

Good or bad?
Bad. These are found in oils like canola and sunflower and are commonly marketed as a healthy option. More often than not they have been through a hydrogenation process, meaning they can increase blood cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease.

Where can you find them?
Canola and Sunflower oils.

Still looking for reasons to up the fat in your diet? Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t fear the fat:

– They’re good for your brain.

– A healthy & balanced diet with the good fat consumption has been shown to improve your memory, brain function and mood.

– They keep you full.

– Good fats promote satiety, releasing hormones that give you that satisfied feeling and stops you from over eating.

– They teach your body to burn fat

– When you eat low fat, your body becomes an efficient carb burner. This sounds great, it’s not. You want your body to prioritise burning fat. Turning your body into an efficient fat burner will help you to get a strong and lean body and you need fat in your diet to do this.

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