Sabrina Carpenter Had A Leonardo DiCaprio-Themed 25th Birthday Cake That You Have To See

Obviously, Sabrina Carpenter is the moment. I know you can't stop listening to "Espresso."

So, Sabrina's birthday was yesterday — May 11, to be exact. She turned 25, and I won't blame you if you forgot a present...

Sabrina Carpenter posing in a black strapless gown with a blue detail on the red carpet. Photographers in the background
Taylor Hill / Getty Images

...Because you probably weren't invited to her birthday party. But Ice Spice was! And she posted a video of Sabrina blowing out her candles on her IG story.

Person about to blow out candles on a birthday cake, text overlay wishes Sabrina Carpenter a happy birthday
@icespice / Via Instagram: @icespice

Wait a second. What's that on her cake?

A birthday cake with photo decorations, candles being lit, and a text overlay "happy birthday."
@icespice / Via Instagram: @icespice

Computer, zoom in.

Blurry image of artwork reflected in a mirror with a birthday message for @sabrinacarpenter
@icespice / Via Instagram: @icespice

Yes, that is an infamous meme featuring a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio with the caption "Nooo don't turn 25 your so sexy aha." (You can see the original meme in better quality here.)

Sabrina Carpenter onstage
Scott Dudelson / Getty Images for Coachella

Spicy stuff. Anyway, a happy birthday to Sabrina — hope the cake was good.