Fans fear Ryan Seacrest suffered a stroke live on air

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Fans were left concerned for Ryan Seacrest’s health after he appeared to slur his words and his left eye suddenly took on a strangely bulging appearance while hosting American Idol.

Ryan Seacrest hosting American Idol from home
Ryan Seacrest left eye appeared to bulge larger than his right eye while hosting American Idol from home on Sunday night. Photo: ABC

Towards the end of Sunday’s Idol broadcast, the normally unflappable Seacrest seemed to be struggling to read his teleprompter, prompting observant fans to take to Twitter to express their alarm, even speculating that the veteran TV and radio personality had suffered a stroke.

Public concern grew Monday morning, when the 45-year-old’s Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host, Kelly Ripa, announced that Seacrest had opted to take the morning off after his night-shift on Idol.

However, now a representative for the star has told People in a statement that Ryan didn’t suffer a stroke and he just needed to take some time off.

:Ryan did not have any kind of stroke last night,” the spokesperson wrote.

“Like many people right now, Ryan is adjusting to the new normal and finding work-home balance, with the added stress of having to put on live shows from home.

Ryan Seacrest on American Idol
Concerned fans took to Twitter to speculate whether or not he had actually suffered a stroke live on air. Photo: ABC

“Between Live with Kelly and Ryan, American Idol, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, and the Disney Family Singalong specials, he has been juggling three to four on-air jobs over the last few weeks and he’s in need of rest. So today he took a well-deserved day off."

While Seacrest is known for being a consummate professional who typically thrives under pressure, this is not the first time that his appearance on Idol has caused concern.

A decade ago, on American Idol Season 9, his erratic behavior on one episode — grabbing a random audience member, whom he claimed was Season 8 contestant Michael Sarver, for an impromptu slow-dance; conducting an awkward, innuendo-filled interview with Adam Lambert; and taking what seemed like a nasty potshot at his former Idol cohost, Brian Dunkleman — created a stir on social media.

His antics at that time had viewers thinking he seemed overworked, but Seacrest shrugged off those claims, saying he was “just in a good mood.”

As of this writing, Seacrest has not personally commented on fans’ concerns about his Season 18 American Idol finale appearance.

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