Ryan Reynolds surprises fans with X-rated joke after Deadpool & Wolverine trailer release

The Deadpool star's joke came after Dune: Part Two's infamous popcorn bucket reveal.

Ryan Reynolds is known for his cheeky sense of humour, and with the upcoming release of his new film Deadpool & Wolverine (which just so happens to have the tagline "Come together", do with that what you will), fans can no doubt expect many a joke in the coming months in the lead up to the film's July release.

With the upcoming release of Dune: Part Two, AMC Theatres in the US released a popcorn bucket based on a sandworm from the movie, however, it looks a little more X-rated than they probably intended it to, with many fans taking to social media to share crude jokes about the bucket that looks very much like a male sex toy. Saturday Night Live even covered the bucket with a skit.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
Ryan Reynolds has surprised fans on social media after sharing an X-rated joke following the release of the Deadpool 3 trailer. Photo: Disney/Getty

Ryan Reynolds' X-rated joke

So, it should come as little surprise that Ryan decided to jump on the bandwagon and promote his own film, with the star sharing a movie poster with the caption, "Wait till you see the Deadpool popcorn bucket."


"I hope the bucket is female-inclusive," one user joked.

"The marketing for this is gonna be so unhinged. I’m so stoked," another said.

"I be buying the popcorn bucket 👏," a third wrote.

"If it’s anything like the Dune popcorn bucket…" someone else added.

"Best popcorn bucket incoming," one Twitter user wrote.

The Dune: Part 2 popcorn bucket as seen on SNL
The Dune: Part 2 popcorn bucket as seen on SNL... Photo: SNL

"Wait my mind isn’t going to a good place..." another joked.

"I see what you guys are doing," someone else said.

AMC Theatres simply responded with several laughing emojis.

Ryan Reynolds releases Deadpool & Wolverine trailer

Deadpool & Wolverine has been highly anticipated thanks to Hugh Jackman's return to the Wolverine character, and this time he's wearing the character's yellow costume, made famous in the classic comic books.

Watch the teaser trailer here:

Fans shared their excitement with one fan writing, "Next Marvel movie to hit a billion. I’m callin it now."

"Deadpool gonna save the MCU," another fan wrote, with many agreeing.

"This is next level genius. Can’t wait!" a third said.



The third Deadpool film will be the first to be released under Disney after the studio acquired 20th Century Fox, who produced the X-Men movies as separate films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This now means that Deadpool will be part of the MCU for the first time.

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