Ryan Reynolds makes surprise appearance in “The View” studio audience with his mom

Ryan Reynolds makes surprise appearance in “The View” studio audience with his mom

"Oh, snap! There's Ryan Reynolds!" Whoopi Goldberg said, looking out toward the actor and his mother in the audience.

Ryan Reynolds made an adorably impromptu appearance on The View, as the Hollywood superstar surprised the cohosts by sitting in the studio audience with his mother.

During a Monday morning Hot Topics chat about panelist Alyssa Farah Griffin's Daytime Emmys makeup mishap over the weekend, moderator Whoopi Goldberg segued into an unexpected introduction as she turned to address the crowd.

"You never know what's going on here at The View. Sometimes you look up and you go, this is really great! And then you look up and go, oh, snap, there's Ryan Reynolds!" the Oscar-winning actress said as the camera cut to show Reynolds sitting next to his mom in the front row.

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Ryan Reynolds

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"This isn’t a thing that happens often. It does happen occasionally," Goldberg continued, asking Reynolds "how come" he found himself sitting as an audience member instead of an interview guest.

"My mom is here visiting her grandkids, and yesterday she said, 'It’s my dream to go to The View,'" the 47-year-old Deadpool and Wolverine star recalled. "First off, I try to do what she says because you don’t know what she’s capable of. Unspeakable violence. I didn't want to taste the back of her hand, so I said let’s go to The View. I made a call, I said, 'I’m Blake [Lively]'s husband, I’d like to come to The View. Does that get us a little further?' Here we are."

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When the cohosts inquired with Tamara Lee Reynolds about her View fandom, she replied that she watches the show "every day," and that "it’s being recorded" at her home while she attended in person.

Later in the show, comedian and interview guest Jo Koy also joked about Reynolds' presence in the audience, telling him that he was grateful that Reynolds' mother decided to bring him into the world. Goldberg also ended the episode by inviting Reynolds' mother to the Hot Topics table to read the iconic "take a little time to enjoy The View" exit line.

The View airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.

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