Influencer blasted over 'disturbing' video of three-year-old son

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Russian influencer Sveta Ananas and husband Andrei Bonor have come under fire for the video of three-year-old Gabriel (left). photo: Instagram/svetasidananas

Followers have been left horrified at a video uploaded by social media star Sveta Ananas, in which her baby son appears to fall from bunk beds and lands on his neck.

The video shows Russian blogger, Sveta, leaping into the arms of her husband Bonor Andrei in slow motion to celebrate his 1 million Tik Tok views.

Unbeknownst to the pair, their toddler, Gabriel, performs a similar leap off his top bunk bed, to copy his parents.

The three-year-old tumbles onto a double mattress where he rolls dramatically up onto his neck, with his parents completely oblivious to what’s going on behind them the entire time.

The toddler quickly picks himself up with a smile and seems unharmed but that hasn’t stopped the video being slammed online.


Horrified followers have flooded the comments section of Sveta’s account, raising concerns about the video.

“You’re lucky your little baby didn’t break its damn neck! More worried about tic tok likes n views than even knowing what ur baby is doing behind you!!” one wrote.

The video shows the pair's son fall dramatically on his neck. Photo: Instagram/svetasidananas

“I’m sorry but this is very disturbing!” another wrote. “Yeah he jumped onto mattresses but did you see his neck still nearly break!”

The mum of two responded to the criticism in an updated caption, defending the video.

She argued that the idea her child is ‘traumatised’ is ridiculous, and argues all children tumble, we just have the technology to film it nowadays.

“it's just that our parents didn't have smart phones,” she wrote, adding that as a child herself she regularly got up to such antics without any long-term damage.

She rounded off the post with the hashtag ‘children are acrobats’, and a comment criticising viewers over-sensitivity.

Divided reactions

Sveta has shrugged off the controversy, arguing that children and resilient. Photo: Instagram/svetasidananas

Interestingly, commentary on the post was largely positive and nostalgic.

More than one follower shared their memories of getting up to similar antics as a child, and praised Sveta for showing the ‘real’ video.

Other comments expressed concern for the bub’s neck, and said that an ambulance should have been called.

Responding to one such comment, the mum explained that the toddler had done the same tumble hundreds of time without issue, but many remained unconvinced.

“Not cool not funny,” one wrote.

“What an absolute disgrace, you should be ashamed of yourselves,” another wrote.

Sveta has over 50k Instagram followers, and regularly uploads video and images showing off her tattooed, dreadlocked aesthetic with her two children in tow.

In defiance of the criticism the mum shared the video to a page set up for her son, with the caption "I'm 2 years old and I blew up the internet...If I jump like this often and it's okay with me, I'm a strong guy.”.

The video was uploaded to celebrate her husband nabbing one million views on the popular Tik Tok platform, and almost a week after the backlash started it doesn’t look like Sveta has any plans of backing down.

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