Royal photographer reveals hidden detail in 'historical' photo

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A royal photographer has revealed an adorable hidden detail in one of his favourite photos taken in 2019 featuring the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George.

Chris Jackson, who has been photographing the Queen for over 20 years, captured a photo of the royal family members mixing a Christmas pudding for ex-military personnel.

Speaking to Insider, Chris said the photo "has historical connotations" because it features "the heirs to the throne". But there was one hidden detail in the background not many people picked up on.

"Prince George is clearly in the moment mixing that Christmas pudding, and everyone's obviously feeling quite relaxed," Chris said.

He then told the publication that if you look closely at the large Christmas tree in the background you would see some of the ornaments have a sweet meaning.

Specifically he pointed out the miniature corgi ornaments hanging on the tree, to represent the Queen's love of the breed.

Queen Elizabeth II walking her dogs at Windsor Castle, on April 2, 1994 in Windsor
The Queen has owned more than 30 corgis. Photo: Getty

The Queen got her first corgi as a gift from her parents on her 18th birthday.

Since then she has owned more than 30 corgis, often calling them her 'family' as well.

Corgis have been engrained in the royal family since 1933 when King George IV (then the Duke of York) got a pet corgi named Dookie.

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