Royal fans freak out thinking the Queen was 'hacked'

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Twitter users went into meltdown overnight, thinking the Queen’s social media accounts may have fallen into the hands of hackers.

Another popular opinion was that perhaps control of the account had been given to 97-year-old Prince Philip, who’d gone rogue for a few hours.

The reason for the suspicion was a series of slightly random questions posted to The Royal Family’s official Twitter account, which left fans very confused.

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“How many redundant letters are there in the English Alphabet,” read one of the questions.

“By what physiological peculiarities do Fungi differ from other plants,” another tweet asked.

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Royal fans were understandably thrown by the strange line of questioning, with many wondering why the account was posting them.

But in truth, the questions were all part of an earlier Twitter thread, which once discovered, explained what was actually going on.

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The questions were actually part of an exam that nine pioneering women sat at the University of London back in 1867.

But most people had just seen the questions without the context.

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