This is what workaholic Roxy Jacenko does in her spare time

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Roxy Jacenko famously admitted she was back online an hour after giving birth to son Hunter in 2014, but even this workaholic does manage to take a little down time.

The PR queen told Be exclusively exactly what she likes to do when she manages to pull herself away from her emails.

Just like any other Aussie mum's past time, the 37-year-old loves to indulge in a good TV show.

Roxy Jacenko, pictured here at the end of 2017, has revealed what she gets up to in her spare time. Source: Getty

Roxy, who was announced as the new brand ambassador for Stan last month, has revealed to Be what her top TV picks are right now.

1. Power - Stan

The mum-of-two has called this crime drama-thriller "addictive" so much so, she stays up until the early hours of the morning hooked.

"I have been staying up until 1am watching it," Roxy admitted.

Could it be because she has a little fantasy crush on the main character James St. Patrick, played by Omari Hardwick?

Roxy has admitted Omari Hardwick who plays James St. Patrick on Power

She did reveal he "could not get any hotter".

In any case, that's definitely a good reason to stay up until 1am.

The blonde beauty said she was "counting down" until season five's release.

2. Keeping Up With The Kardashians - E!

This will definitely be a favourite for many, including Roxy who loves to delve into the world of the Kardashians after a long day.

"The Kardashians on E! is always light relief after a big day," she said.

Roxy is a massive fan of the Kardashians. The drama-filled family are pictured here in 2016. Source: Getty

She revealed it helps her to realise how "minimal" the problems in her life compared to the drama of the Kardashians.

"[It's] the kind of show you can watch, laugh, gasp and realise your f**k-ups of the day are rather minimal in comparison to the daily drama of their lives!" Roxy admitted.

3. Billions - Stan

Now Power is on a hiatus until season five is released, drama series Billions is now on Roxy's radar.

"It's sexy and all about the ego drive work of high finance in NYC," Roxy explained. "Think money, power, justice and revenge."

The PR queen loves the

Who doesn't love to watch some sexy New York City bigshots?

Roxy admitted she's totally hooked.

"I am literally on the edge of my bed watching it," she said.

4. Younger - Stan

Roxy describes this American drama-comedy as "Sexy in the City meets Gossip Girl".

It's her go-to show for some weekend chill time.

Younger, starring Hillary Duff, is Roxy's go-to show for some weekend chill time. Source: Stan

"It's light-hearted and funny," she said. "A real girlie afternoon show."

Sounds ideal to binge-watch on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

In December 2017, Roxy was announced as brand ambassador for Stan for 2018.

“I am thrilled to be part of something that allows me to spend quality family time on my time," mother of Pixie, 6, and Hunter, 3, said when her partnership with the streaming service was announced.

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